How to Download Movies On Netflix for Offline Viewing?

How to Download Movies On Netflix for Offline Viewing?

Whether you’re flying, taking the train, or planning a cross-country bus journey, there’s a possibility your favorite way of travel won’t have Wi-Fi or internet. Even if the internet is possible, the cost of connecting may be high for others.

While you may make the best of what cellular internet you have, there will surely be slowdowns along the way when cell service is non-existent. If you’re a Netflix user who intended on watching a Netflix movie during your commute, you may think you’re out of business. But, here we are at your rescue.

Let’s talk about how to download movies on Netflix and watch Netflix offline viewing today.ownload Netflix Movies with the Official App?

While some people may need only some Netflix movies that can be downloaded from its app. Here we listed the way of downloading Netflix shows within the official app.

Step 1: Update Your Device

First, make sure that everything on your device is up to date, including version and your Netflix app. Older versions of Netflix won’t allow you to download.

Step 2: Choose Your Download Quality

Downloads from Netflix are available in two quality levels: Standard and Higher.

Step 3: Check The Availability

Remember that you can’t download everything on Netflix; the business has made it easier to identify downloadable videos by grouping them in a category titled “Available for Download.”

Step 4: Start Downloading

Click the Download button next to the show or film you wish to view to start downloading

Use Stream Fab Netflix Downloader

As we all know, not all of the Netflix movies and shows are downloadable. What if your favorite series or movie wasn’t available for downloads on Netflix? You might be thinking that “Can I download movies from Netflix?” but we got something in the vault for you.

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StreamFab Netfx downloader is able to download every Netflix content and save them as MP4 files for you. This means that you don’t need to worry about the compatibility problem anymore. What’s more, the videos are downloaded in high quality up to 1080p.

You don’t have to wait long or follow a complex method to download movies. Just install StreamFab Netflix downloader and launch it on your laptop. It possesses an inbuilt Netflix browser. Whenever you open a Netflix video from there, you will see a pop-up Download window. Let’s learn more about the details and enjoy fast Netflix download.

Here is how you can download a Netflix movie using StreamFab:

  • Download and install the StreamFab downloader from their site
  • On the start screen, click on Netflix

  • On the next screen, sign-in to the Netlflix website and run your favorite movie or show
  • Now, as the movie starts, you will see a pop-up menu with all the available qualities of video. Click on your desired quality and click on the download

That’s it. You can now enjoy your favorite Netflix movies and shows offline.


Although, Netflix is a pretty safe and secure platform, but we still answered your question How To Download Netflix Movies on Netflix for Offline Viewing?

There are 3 easy ways to download movies and shows from Netflix. However, our personal favorite is StreamFab. Its user interface and features are next to none. Moreover, it can download your favorite Netflix shows and movies in HD quality which none other method can.

Checkout all the above-mentioned methods carefully and choose the one which best fits your needs. Have a safe and happy watching.

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