Electric Shower: An Advanced System 

The Electric Shower system is one of the advanced systems that can provide you with multiple benefits within a single product. While talking about shower systems we always think about the system that does not interrupt our bathing experience, and that provides us with the best possible experience of shower systems at affordable costs.

Our demand does not only limit to the quality and materials being used for the product but also to the appearance it gives. Our desire to have a beautiful, smart, and luxurious appearance for our bathroom was always a priority. These are the products that meet all of the above-mentioned criteria. We can install these products as per our interior designs and colors. There are multiple options available within these products.

How does it work?

This system does not require any additional cylinders to hold hot water boiled through the boiler. This system heats the water through a heating element installed in the shower unit that provides hot water in a quick time frame. It eliminates the time of waiting for water to be heated. One more advantage is that it only requires a cold-water supply. These are one of the most energy-efficient products available in shower products.

Electric Showers use water that flows through the unit and heats it directly within a few seconds. It is also more environmentally desirable than some other shower products. All of these qualities make it different and advanced from other ordinary shower systems. However, the comfort that comes from the product also demands a certain degree of water pressure moving through the water supply unit.

So, before installing this system we must make sure that our water supply system follows all the parameters it demands. It is also advisable to take all the precautions and safety measures while installing this system in your home. However, for safety purposes, there are multiple functions installed in the system to prevent overheating.

Types of electric shower

Since the whole system of Electric Showers works on electricity, this could be classified into two types. One is mains-fed and the other one is gravity-fed. The gravity-fed shower is a little more expensive than the other one because of an in-built pump in its system to generate enough power for this to operate. However, electric showers are the cheapest but most effective type of shower in the market.

This type of shower is more desirable and demanding because of its quick and easy-to-use properties. Often customers are recommended to choose high kilowatt power for an electric shower to run more effectively and conveniently. It is recommended to consult a domestic electrician while installing this system at your home. An electrician has experience and expertise in how to install the system with all the safety precautions.

Things to consider while buying it

We have seen many people being confused about what type of shower system they should install at their homes. As we have already mentioned above a domestic electrician should be hired to install such a shower system at your home, it is also recommended that you know a few things about it. First of all, we should be aware of which type of shower system we want at our home to be installed, what it requires to be installed, and what things to be taken care of while installing.

We have already mentioned above higher kilowatt power is always to be considered for this system to run more effectively. The next one is which type of cable size needs to be installed in this system. It depends on which kilowatt of power is going to be installed at your home. The higher the kilowatt power is installed, the more the length of cable size is needed. Cable size is more dependent on the kilowatt power system. However, all of these things are to be done by an experienced electrician, a little knowledge for a customer is desirable.

Because of its heating element, it faces the disadvantage of limescale. But to reduce the problem of limescale many technologies are being used by companies to prevent the products from limescale problems. Such problems give an unhealthy appearance to the product which further makes it undesirable for customers. So, to prevent the customer’s needs and satisfaction companies do adopt technological advancements to make their products attractive. There are many alternative solutions available to prevent such situations and to keep our shower systems healthy and attractive.


  • Instant hot water – we are living in a world where we have a 24-hour cycle to be considered as a day, in which we need to manage all of our work to be done efficiently. Taking bath is one of those activities we need to complete in that 24-hour cycle. So, how much time it does take depends not only on you but also on the system installed in your bathroom. Electric showers are one of the best options for you to choose if you need less to be spending in your bathroom. This system does not take extra time to heat the water, it only requires a few seconds while water passes through the tube.
  • Energy efficiency – when we already know how much it is needed for us and our future generation for energy and water to be saved as much as possible. It also gives you the comfort of a budget-friendly installation.
  • Economical water usage – aswe have already discussed this system is the best choice for those who want to save water as well as spend less on shower systems.
  • Separate water heater – this electric shower system has an in-built heating element, which makes it suitable to use even if there are multiple taps on.

This brand provides long-lasting products and makes sure to fix all the defaults you are facing while in the guarantee period.  These products are designed in such a way that helps in reducing the issues we face after buying the product. Many of us want a product that gives an attractive appearance as well as a strong functioning to our home. This brand is a perfect example of a desirable product.


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