What is AutoCAD ? Definition, Everything About AutoCAD

What is AutoCAD ? Definition, Everything About AutoCAD

Here you get to know all about AutoCAD. If you’ve been ever planned or thought about getting into the design industry, you’ve likely heard of AutoCAD. But what is it, and why is it such a big deal?

So, You are in the right place, this article is for you.


AutoCAD Student is a computer-aided drafting program utilized for a huge number of different design methods. Its usage centers overdrawing with electronic equivalents of real-life drafting tools. The additional support of digital precision helps with measurements, calculation, analyses, 3D components, and data sharing.

A big part of its achievement can be credited to the variety of design tasks supported by the software. Throughout the rest of this article, we’ll hike you through the most important details of the software suite as nicely as its many uses.

History of AutoCAD

AutoCAD first became significant because it was the first CAD program developed for PC use (rather of industrial computers) in the 1980s. With computer hardware evolving more capable, the company behind AutoCAD, Autodesk, wanted to make CAD available to more people.

AutoCAD has continued the dominant program in many design industries because it’s continuously coming with new updates. There’s a new version published every year, and new elements are always being added.

Targeted User Groups

AutoCAD promotes itself as key software for the whole design market, which gives it a large audience.

Therefore, many industries that heavily believe in design precision use AutoCAD for its mathematical trustworthiness. For instance, architecture and aeronautics are two fields that depend on exact measurements, components that fit together, and working on a vast scale to build safe structures.

More types of engineering, such as mechanical and electrical, also require a program that allows them to design as big or as small as they want without risking precision. Graphic design and city planning moreover aim AutoCAD to encompass everything from a design’s big picture to its smallest circumstances.

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Now, let’s dive more into the AutoCAD and know the pricing and a lot more.

Their Pricing and Licensing:

In AutoCAD, there are 3 levels of available payment options, and which you need to choose, it depends on how long you are going to use it.

  • Monthly $210
  • Annually $1,690
  • Three yearly $4565

Every three of these payment levels give you entry to the AutoCAD body 2D and 3D program, plus industry-specific packages, containing AutoCAD Architecture, Electrical, Map 3D, AutoCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD MEP, and AutoCAD Plant 3D. You’ll also be eligible to make use of the AutoCAD mobile app.


AutoCAD has various types of usage licenses to choose from. These are meant to differentiate particular users (who are for instance using AutoCAD for their personal commercial projects) from a group of users who require to be on a similar system (for instance, if you have an engineering team that’s working on several parts of the same project). Some utilize AutoCAD to understand computer-aided design in a formal setting.

Educational: You must be a student or educator at a verified affiliated educational institute and only use AutoCAD for education. (You can’t use an educational license to design products that you’ll be peddling for a profit.)

Single user: Only one, the purchaser, can use AutoCAD through your unique access code. That person can install it on up to three devices, but you can only access the program one at a time.

Multi-user: You can add several legitimate users to your plan, and each of them can access the program on any of your networked devices in the same period. This prevents unauthorized users outside the user group while enabling work flexibility within it.

About AutoCAD Std Version

The AutoCAD Std Version is also called as the Free 3-year Educational License.

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This software student’s version is a free available version formulated by Autodesk for learners, educational institutions, and educators.

The AutoCAD std’s version license is renewable after the 3-year or 36 months period. The subjects or projects built in this version cannot be utilized for commercial objectives. To create such items commercially, we require to use the full commercial version.

Their student version is similar to the full commercial version, except the educational standard. It means that the matters or files created in the student’s edition have an internal large flag set, i.e., the output comprises a stamp printed on all the four sides.

AutoCAD is a large program it accepts applications in many ways.

The students can use AutoCAD for:

1.Engineering Drafting tool,

2.Act as a Graphic Design tool,

3.Use in 3D printing,

4.Used in the Fashion industry, or further.

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In this article, we provided all the necessary information about the AutoCAD. If you ever try to know about the designing industry you will get to hear about AutoCAD. It is used for a large number of different design techniques. AutoCAD developed in the 1980s was the first CAD program. The Autodesk aimed to reach more people it continues their dominance in the designing industry. It always comes with new updates and features. AutoCAD is available in 3 different payment options- monthly, yearly, per 3 years, every at different rates.

It also has various types of usage licenses to choose from. AutoCAD to learn different computer-aided in a formal setting- educational, single user, and multiuser.

The AutoCAD std version is available for free for 3 years to learn for the students, educational institutes, and educators. The students can use it for different learning purposes. We hope you find it helpful and your many doubts are cleared here.

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