Top 3 Amazing Ways to Embed Instagram Widget on a Website

Top 3 Amazing Ways to Embed Instagram Widget on a Website

With a lot of buzz around social media networking sites nowadays, brands have turned their tables and have started using these social platforms to explore the hidden layers of the market.

Starting from marketing on these platforms to embedding it on the website, these social media platforms serve the most attractive and innovative way for brand promotion.

Out of all the major platforms, Instagram has turned out to be one of the fastest-growing networks with diverse functionalities. Embedding Instagram widget on the website not only looks attractive but also drives more sales for the brand.

Why embed Instagram widget on website?

Instagram has been one of the most popular social media platforms with almost 1 billion monthly active users.

Using Instagram, brands can harness a wide range of commercial opportunities with the ease of expanding brand awareness worldwide.

By embedding an Instagram widget on the website, you can have access to your social audience even at your digital Workfront.

Here are a few benefits of embedding an Instagram widget to the website.

1. Increases user engagement

Embedding the Instagram widget increases the vibrancy of your website. This attracts more visitors and provides them with the opportunity to explore your social media account without even leaving the website. This increases the engagement of the user with the brand.

2. Builds social proof with UGC

As we know, Instagram is the hub of user-generated content. When you embed the instagram widget on the website, you display this UGC on your website which increases the authenticity and reliability of your website. This content acts as social proof and advocates for your brand’s credibility.

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3. Creation of visual hub

Instagram is full of compelling and captivating content that is a visual bliss to the eyes of the visitor. When it gets aggregated with the website it creates a visual hub of enticing content on the website to have a smooth and better engagement with the visitor.

4. Improved interaction with your audience

By displaying the social proof of products, authenticity of the brand and reliability of its existence, brands build a strong relationship with the users with an appreciable amount of interaction with them.

5. Increased dwell time 

When users get engaged with the attractive visual content exhibiting vibrant and eye-catching images under the umbrella of user-generated content, they tend to stay long on the page to explore more exciting content. This increases the dwell time of the user as they can dive into the Instagram page of the brand without even leaving the website.

6. Boost sales

All the above-discussed benefits are the major factors for the brand to drive more conversions. This way brands can influence the potential customers to make a purchase. This results in accelerated sales and growth of the brand.

Ways To Embed Instagram Widget On Website

Now since we know why it is important for the brands to embed the Instagram widget on the website, let us explore different ways of embedding it. Here are 3 amazing ways to embed Instagram feeds on websites.

1.  Instagram’s embedding feature

Instagram itself provides an integrating option that allows you to have an easy embed process.

All you need to do is select the post that you want to embed, choose the embed option by clicking on the post, get the code and copy the code at the backend of your website building platform.

But the limitation that follows is that you can embed only one post at a time and that too using desktop i.e. using the Instagram website and not through the mobile application.  Also, it does not provide any functionalities such as personalizing the content, customizing it, interactive design, etc.

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It is an excellent way to embed a curated hashtag feed or influencer feed that is relevant for your brand, on your website for free.

2. Using WordPress plugin

As we know, WordPress users rely on plugins to add any feature or functionality to their website and to enhance the interface of their website.

This is a reliable option for all the WordPress users that provides them with the easy integration option using the plugin.

It provides you with an option of adjusting the number of rows and columns in your widget and customizing the number of posts that you want to embed.

Just copy the code and your desired Instagram post will get embedded on the WordPress website.

There are many WordPress plugins available that can help you integrate Instagram with your website. One such example is Taggbox Widget Plugin for embedding Instagram Widget that can easily be downloaded from the WordPress plugin library.

3. Social media aggregator tools

Social media aggregators are the tools that help you aggregate social media content to your website. They collect, curate and aggregate content on the website with more engaging and personalized feed.

Not only websites, but these tools also help you to display this social feed as a social wall on large screens during events and on digital screens for indoor display.

Some examples of amazing aggregator tools are Taggbox, Tagembed, EmbedSocial, etc.

These tools help the brands to customize their feed using different layouts, font styles, colors, themes, etc. Also, it provides the brands with the option of moderating the content to filter out the inappropriate content and display the relevant content.

Moreover, these tools come with the option of analytics to keep the track of user engagement, impressions, and performance graphs.

With real-time updates, you can display fresh and unique content on your website to enhance user engagement.


Embedding Instagram feeds on your website is an amazing way to activate your users and convert potential customers into real customers.

We have discussed the top 3 amazing ways to embed it on the website in a few simple steps.

So, embed your own Instagram widget on your website and ace your market with higher revenue and sales.

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