Instagram Marketing: Best Tools and Tips to Engage with Audience

Instagram Marketing: Best Tools and Tips to Engage with Audience

The potential marketing reach of Instagram is growing every day. It has been found that 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business. Instagram is not just a tool anymore where you edit and share pictures with friends. It has evolved into a cultural hub where more than a billion people can come across inspirational businesses.

At present, Instagram is known to be one of the leading social media platforms. Any brand, business or organization can benefit from an Instagram account. Even online assignment writers use the Instagram account to connect with users and improve traffic growth. If you want your brand to be referred to as relevant, Instagram is the best spot for you.

Nowadays, users are more likely to purchase products after seeing the service and product on Instagram. However, engaging with followers and finding the right influencers is never easy. You are in luck as there are a number of free tools that can help you with Instagram marketing.

Here are top Instagram marketing tools for you:

  • Combin Growth

This free tool can be used by small to medium-sized businesses. You will be able to gain Instagram followers and interact with the Instagram audience. It offers functionalities to track activity &growth, communicate with the audience, research relevant hashtags, attract new Instagram followers, influencers and competitors.

Combin Growth


  • Monitor the growth and activity of audience
  • Find potential Instagram influencers on your account
  • Simultaneously manage multiple accounts
  • It helps you detect who does not follow you back
  • A scheduler will style your Instagram Grid layout
  • It helps you find a target audience for your Instagram account


  • Tailwind


Tailwind is an effective tool for both Pinterest and Instagram scheduling. It will allow you to create scroll-stopping posts. It’s Smart Instagram assistant will create scroll-stopping posts. In addition, you will be able to find top-performing word counter Instagram hashtag lists.


  • Unlimited scheduling
  • Schedule photos and videos with auto post features
  • Creates a branded landing page for free
  • It offers simple analytics for posts, profile performance and summary reports


  • Insta Growth Ninja

The tool holds the key to make customers an influencer for top brands. It will increase your website traffic. The tool will provide ROI with Instagram accounts. The tool works as a social media manager, and it will help you find your target audience.


  • Sends 125 comments in a day
  • Clients will visit your page by reading your comments and because you are liking and following them.
  • It offers a huge amount of exposure, notifications, opportunities, and clients ho returning to your page.
  • Sprout special
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Sprout special

Sprout Special will help you maintain a real connection with your audience. The tool can integrate with the Helpdesk. A lot of assignment help service providers use this tool to engage with their customers. The app is available for Android services as well as for iOS.


  • It will let you track campaign performance, personalize, identify and respond to incoming messages quickly.
  • It offers competitive reports for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • It provides time analysis reports and response rate
  • Vsco


Vsco is known for its photo editing capabilities. It will create astonishing pictures which will let your brand stand out from the rest. It comes with a set of filters.


  • It is equipped with editing and video coloring tools
  • It is known to be one of the popular photo editing tools
  • It will help with creating engaging Instagram stories and video posts

Important Tips to Remember for Instagram Marketing

It is essential to build an engaged following if you want a larger part of the online community to become your future customer base. However, it is not easy to market your brand on Instagram. If you are wondering how to do Instagram marketing, we have listed some of the best tips for you.

  1. Update your bio

Make sure you update the bio of Instagram from time to time. It will be good to update the io if you have forgotten it for quite some time. Review Instagram bio and check if any important updates require to be made. For example, add relevant hashtags in your bio, which will help you find more people in your profile. Also, add a link to your website in the bio. You must use the space of the bio wisely.

  1. Consider having an Instagram business account

Do not use your personal Instagram account for marketing your brand. You must ensure to have a business profile in your Instagram account. Select the person icon at the bottom right of the home screen, and choose the wheel in the top right corner of the screen. It will take you to “Options” where you need to select “Switch to Business profile.”


  • Instagram ads
  • Instagram insights
  • Instagram shopping
  • Contact information and a call-to-action button
  • Primary and secondary messaging inboxes
  1. Check the activities of your competitors

Take a look at what other small and medium businesses are doing on Instagram. You can draw out their ideas to get inspiration. Check what kind of content they post, hashtags they use, visual language and so on. Pay attention to how much engagement, followers they are gaining from each post.

  1. Be consistent
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If you want the figures in the followers to rise, you need to come up with fresh content daily. It is critical, especially when you are dealing with Instagram’s algorithm. Online assignment makers come up with interactive content like fun facts, quizzes, memes, etc., to stay in touch with their audiences.

  1. Use video contents

Video contents are more fun and engaging, so try making more video content and posting them on Instagram. Use Boosted to create innovative videos for Instagram.

Use video contents

You have multiple ways to post video content on Instagram:

  • 1-minute video
  • IGTV
  • 15 seconds clips on Instagram stories
  • Instagram reel
    1. Respond to comments

Respond to comments

Another important tip for Instagram marketing is always responding to comments. After posting your content, make sure you check the comments. Your customers will really appreciate it when you care to respond to their comments.

  1. Post at peak times

Do not post your content randomly. You need to know the peak time so that you can get the attention of most users. The best way to know the right time is by trying it out and see when you get the most amounts of likes and comments on your posts. Then, stick to that specific time whenever you have something to post on Instagram.

  1. Collaborate with influencers

Collaborate with influencers

Instagram is nowadays filled with influencers, and users trust their words. Influencers can help with reviewing your products on Instagram, and this way, more people will start knowing your brand and products. As a result, your products will be exposed to a wider audience.


If you take a closer look, there is a lot of work involved when marketing in an Instagram account. But you should not forget to have fun with it. The fun factor should be there, and that is what engages audience. Instagram comes with a load of opportunities. Make sure you use all the features to engage and widen your audience.

AUTHOR BIO: Karen Hamada is an Instagram influencer and also a blogger. She is one of the best digital marketers at a reputed organization in the USA. She is also associated with, where he provides digital marketing assignment help solutions to students.

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