5 best strategies (with examples) to improve your YouTube video ads

5 best strategies (with examples) to improve your YouTube video ads

You may be using search engine optimization (SEO), as well as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising for your website. But your business can reap many benefits from YouTube advertising.

If you are thinking about YouTube advertising, this article is for you. Here we share with you various advantages of YouTube advertising and how to create highly effective ads on YouTube.

Why advertise on YouTube

Here are a few reasons you need to consider advertising on YouTube:

  1. Incredible Reach

Around one-third of internet users want YouTube content. Since these numbers are likely to increase over time, it gives a whole new opportunity to reach a wide range of potential consumers on various platforms.

  1. Videos Are Highly Engaging

Thanks to the visuals, videos are likely to have a higher impact compared to standard image ads. So, it’s likely to create an emotional connection while sharing brand messages and information. Plus, there are endless opportunities to make creative video ads.

  1. Cost Effective

YouTube ad formats are very cost-effective as they run on a cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) or cost-per-view (CPV) bidding system. So, a video ad would cost you around $0.10 to $0.30 per view. Or around $1 – $5 per thousand impressions. It all depends on your ad format, target, and overall goal.

Types of YouTube Video Ads

Here are different types of YouTube video ads to consider:

  • Skippable In-Stream Ads: Such ads display videos before, during, or after YouTube videos. But the viewers have the option to skip these ads after 5 seconds. You will be charged only if a viewer watches the whole ad.
  • Non-Skippable Video Ads: These video ads also display content before, after, or during the videos. But the viewers have to see the whole ad because there is no skip option.
  • Bumper Ads: These are very short 6-second long video messages used for brand awareness and more reach.
  • Discovery Ads: Such ads are used to promote video content just next to the related YouTube videos. It is a part of YouTube search results, or you can see it on your YouTube mobile homepage.
  • Non-Video Ads: Such ads can be useful if you do not have any video resources. In these ads, overlay ads display text and image content on top of the video content or right-hand sidebar.
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5 Tips to make YouTube video ads effective

Here are some notable tips to make your YouTube videos more effective:

  1. Just 15 and 60-second ads

Always try to keep your videos between 15 and 60 seconds. This way, the ads can share their message and won’t seem too long or boring.

  1. Captivate, relate, and associate

First, your YouTube ad must captivate your audience. After gaining their attention, you have to share a message that your audience can relate to.  You can do so by empathizing with their pain points and needs. Lastly, associate your brand with a reliable solution to their problem. These things will make your ad more interesting and relatable.

  1. Show a brand in action

Make ads that show audiences what your brand does and also how they do specific things. You can do so by showing real-life situations or creating shorts or clips with a product demo.

  1. Design ads for mobile

Since most YouTube viewers are on mobile devices, it is vital to design your ads for mobile-size screens. This way, your ad has more chances of getting clicks or views.  An SEO Company in Boise, Idaho increased the ads view rate by over 20% when they adjusted the video format best suited (i.e. 4:5, 2:3, and 9:16 aspect ratio) for mobile devices.

  1. Tell viewers what you want them to do

Finally, you need to be clear about what you want your viewers to do. Whether it is to check out your content or demo, shop products, or subscribe to emails, the call to action must be very clear. The call to action can create a major increase in direct response performance.

5 creative YouTube Ads examples to take inspiration from

  1. Audio drives attention

If you look at the video above, you can see how Mini USA’s Hardtop 2-Door Hatchback ad amplifies the engine sound along with a fun music track. Such sound effects engage people’s attention while making them feel a realistic car drive experience.

  1. Start high, start fast
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When it’s about an auto ad, the first few seconds are crucial. You have to opt a content that put viewers right into the action while grabbing their attention. For instance, the Cupra Born ad starts with a flash of the speeding car while keeping the momentum going with engaging car clips. The fast pace and voice-over are gripping the viewer’s attention throughout the ad.

  1. Anchor a story in human experience

The specs and facts are vital for selling a car. But when you build a story around the human experience, it gives your audience a way to imagine a perfectly tangible car experience. This Mitsubishi Brazil’s New Generation ad display women from different backgrounds figuratively taking the wheel of a powerful car. The various characters and a strong storyline keep viewers emotionally engaged in this video.

  1. Every spot is a feature spot

Every spot is an opportunity to boost the features and specs to make you can stand apart from the rest. In Ford US’s F-150 ad, you can see how the video highlights two major features centered around just one idea. The message is simply clear, boasting the standout features of this vehicle.

  1. Create for mobile

Since over 70 percent of YouTube views are through mobile devices, it’s important to create ads for 5-inch screens. In this ad, Volkswagen Canada makes use of bright colors and crisp shots of the cars. These things are crucial for effective mobile-sized YouTube ads.

Make use of these five creative strategies and examples to start creating our next auto ad. Not just an auto ad, these tips are beneficial for creating any type of engaging video ad. Try experimenting with distinct iterations of your creativity and see what works best for your audience.

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