PKT Cash Crypto Network – Another Opportunity to Earn

PKT Cash Crypto Network – Another Opportunity to Earn

Everyday, technology gets better and better, making living much easier and comfortable. PKT has taken it up a notch by creating a system by which users can contribute their excess, unused bandwidth to its network and earn passively from it.

You no longer have to pay for the bandwidth you don’t use without getting anything from it. Rather than leave it to waste, you can get paid in PKT cash for contributing it to a fast-growing network. This way, you can add another stream of income, thereby strengthening your finances even more. Visit to learn more about the benefits of having passive income.

Users have the option to become announcement miners or block miners depending on how strong their bandwidth is and the type of mining hardware they plan to utilize. Announcement miners do not need hardware with powerful processor to mine crypto, since all they have to do is generate announcements, which are basically hashtags sent to block miners as messages. Announcements help in building the blocks in the chain.

Block miners on the other hand require really powerful hardware since what it being done is computationally more intensive than announcement mining. As a block miner, you are responsible for collecting and validating announcements. Another part of your job is ensuring announcement miners are not cheating and that the announcements they send are up to the required standard.

With the announcements that are collected, a block miner is able to create what is called PacketCrypt Proof (PCP) which is affixed to their block, before it is added to a chain. The task of collecting and validating announcements, as well as creating PCP is more like a competition among the miners. The winner receives payment in PKT cash and in turn pays the announcement miners who played a part. The entire process from generating announcements down to adding blocks to the chain requires users of the network to utilize their bandwidth.

What Exactly is PKT?

If you’re still unclear about what PKT is all about, that’s perfectly fine since it could be a difficult concept to understand as there are many technical aspects to it. That said, the essence of this article is for you to fully understand and appreciate the good that PKT is bringing to the world of cryptocurrency and internet services.

At the very basic, PKT is a network with a vision to change how internet service and access is being made available to users while giving them the opportunity to earn passively from its advanced system. PKT is a blockchain technology that allows users earn by contributing a part of their internet bandwidth to its network.

The more users join the network with high-speed bandwidth and powerful computers, the stronger it grows, and more foolproof it becomes. Running on blockchain technology, its system is decentralized which brings several benefits to the community.

  • Security: A decentralized network is usually more secure than a central one since multiple people are in charge of the network. Unlike a system with a central authority that has complete control over all the data stored in the system, and is able to manipulate input, data in a decentralized network can only be altered if the majority of the users are in agreement.

This means that system cannot be cheated or corrupted making it much more secure. Also, the fact that a copy of every data is stored in every system “node” across the network means that users can access the entire history of transactions done within the network any day, any time, making the system incredibly transparent.

  • Cheaper fees: The absence of a central authority that would benefit from higher transaction fees makes transacting within the system much more affordable since fees are kept at the lowest minimum for the benefit of the community of users.
  • Lower maintenance cost: The network essentially runs with the help of multiple computers and bandwidth connected to it. This way, no big budget needs to be allocated for system maintenance since each individual user will be responsible for keeping their own computers in peak condition in order to earn. Cost is basically spread across the community of users.

What Exactly is PKT

Is This for Me?

If you have a functional computer system and a stable internet bandwidth and would like to earn money using both these things, then PKT cash is definitely for you. As has been established so far, with only those two requirements mentioned above and minimal effort, you could be earning PKT cash.

Presently, PKT coin is worth about one-tenth of a penny and is projected to rise in the future. In the grand scheme of things, this is basically a long-term investment that could turn out to be incredibly profitable in the future.

Recall that the popular cryptocurrencies today like Bitcoin and Ethereum weren’t valued at what they currently are when they were launched initially. The entire system around PKT is one that is sure to yield return for early adopters and participants because, it is providing affordable internet access to the next billion people, allowing users of its fast-growing community to earn from it. Click here to learn more about Ethereum.

Final Thoughts

Investment experts often say that the best types of investments are long-term investments. Take stock for example, while people earn decent money from trading it daily on the stock market, the risk attached to it is significantly higher since there’s always the possibility of running a loss.

Stocks are generally considered growth assets as they typically have the potential to increase in value over time. What this means is that leaving them to appreciate in value over time, may be the best way to truly profit from them.

To drive home the point, joining the PKT network and earning its coins that have the potential for growth is a smart money move since all you need is the excess bandwidth you don’t really make use of but still have to pay for.


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