Fastest Emulator to play PUBG New State

Fastest Emulator to play PUBG New State

PUBG New State is Tencent’s latest release in the Battle Royale Genre. Set in a futuristic city in 2051, the game takes on its previous iteration of PUBG Mobile and iterates over it by expanding on the graphics, mechanics, and more. The game offers futuristic weapons, vehicles, and buildings that set it apart from the competition. The game takes inspiration from other titles like Apex Legends and tries to expand on them by adding its twists.

You can expect ultra-realistic graphics alongside real-time collision-based physics to be a staple of the game. Moreover, with new vehicles and weapons, the game will start moving towards a more fast-paced mechanic wherein most fights will be close-quartered as the map focuses more on a dense urban jungle rather than a vast sprawling barren land. Therefore, it can be seen that Tencent wishes to compete with Apex Legends in terms of gameplay style as the game is known for its fast-paced adrenaline-pumping combat.

With weapon attachments being a primary feature of the game, you can add and remove attachments as you wish, with all of them providing some advantages at the cost of taking away some particular stat of your gun. This mechanic can directly be compared to that of COD: Mobile.

PUBG New State Notable Features:

PUBG New State will be the first Battle Royale that offers a wide variety of customization options to players inside the battlefield. You have free reign to choose your weapons, attachments for that particular weapon, where you want to drop, your vehicles, your skins, camos, and even your gadgets and attachments as the match progresses.

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As such, PUBG New State requires a lot more strategic and critical thinking and a greater emphasis on mechanics due to the game’s fast-paced nature. Moreover, you can expect buildings in the city to be unique with no re-used models insight. Based on the new Unreal Engine, the game is expected to look gorgeous but is also rumored to consume many system resources and might also cause your phone to overheat in certain situations.

PUBG New State

Consequently, you might face a lot of battery drain on your mobile phone or might just have a down-right un-enjoyable experience due to the amount of heat emanating from your phone. Thankfully, most professional and high-ranked players are now using Android Emulators to play PUBG New State. It rids them of these issues while also providing them with a relatively stable and better playing experience overall. One of the best Android Emulators currently being used for PUBG New State is LDPlayer.

LDPlayer Features for PUBG New State:


LDPlayer is one of the oldest and well-supported Android Emulators currently available in the market. Therefore, it enjoys several exclusive features to the Emulator that provide players with a competitive advantage. Here are some of the most popular and notable features:

  • LDPlayer is known for its optimization. Therefore, even with the game’s extremely demanding visuals, you can still expect unlimited frame rates alongside stable net code that ensures an unprecedented gaming experience. Moreover, you can also adjust all of the in-game settings and sensitivities, including HD Textures and graphics. Moreover, you can also download HD Audio that allows you to locate enemy noise much quicker.
  • In PUBG New State, you will have to perform many intricate maneuvers that can get quite hard to execute efficiently every time. Thankfully, by using the Emulator’s Macro feature, you can record that action once and then execute it with a key bind so that you never miss a hard crouch jump or a peek fire ever again.
  • Smurfing is a very common tactic used by veteran PUBG New State players to play with their friends on low-ranked accounts while having the ability to instantly switch when they wish to play in competitive lobbies. By using LDPlayer’s Multi Instances, you can do just that and switch from one login to the other completely undetected so you can play in whatever rank you desire.
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Alongside these notable features, you can also customize your key binds to your heart’s content, allowing you to find the most comfortable combinations. It’s definitely a good idea to play PUBG New State on PC with LDPlayer.

play PUBG New State on PC


PUBG Mobile has cemented itself in gaming legend with its iconic introduction of the Battle Royale genre to the mobile gaming genre. New State seems to be a natural expansion that includes many new features alongside many bug fixes that have ensured that the new game lives up to its hype.

Currently, the game is available for free for you to download on LDPlayer. You can expect unparalleled experience alongside the ability to play at whatever FPS and resolution you desire.

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