Five Ways To Maintain Self Discipline While Studying Online

Five Ways To Maintain Self Discipline While Studying Online

Online learning sounds so good. Online learning allows you to take your favorite courses like coding courses from any part of the globe, and that too from your own home. But, at the same time, online learning has its setbacks, too, getting distracted, procrastination, and laziness. The success of online education is self-discipline. Only when you are disciplined will you perform your best. Maintaining self-discipline is hard, but it is possible.

Online learning like CISSP certification can be a boon rather than a burden with the right strategy and effort. Below are five strategies to maintain self-discipline for online students:

Remind yourself why you are doing this

Online learning can be distracting, but you have to remind yourself from time to time why you are taking the course, whether it is to have better job opportunities, you want to explore a new field, or you want to have a good credential for your college/school degree. Whenever you feel gripped with demotivation and procrastination, remind yourself how happy you would be when you complete the course with flying colors.

Make a realistic schedule

We love to create a schedule for ourselves, but we don’t stick to it for even a day as we keep setting unrealistic goals. Instead, make sure to set short-term achievable goals that align with your online learning syllabus. The more goals you achieve, the more focused and motivated you are. Set a realistic schedule for study, take appropriate breaks, set time for revision, keep a tab on your assignment deadlines and exam dates to sync them with your schedule.

Stay organized

To stick to the schedule, you need to organize yourself and create an organized environment. Set your workspace in a distraction-free, comfortable, and quiet place. Make sure you have all the things you need near you at one time so you won’t have to get up repeatedly. Choose a place wisely where there are no distractions like watching tv, eating, and sleeping. The more organized and focused, the better you will perform.

Avoid procrastination in all cases

Throw the thought out of the window that you will get it done tomorrow because we all know that tomorrow will never come. Procrastination does nothing good even more, and it makes the situation worse. You will be left with loads of work to complete in a shorter time. Sure everybody needs a break, but doing work for 20 minutes and rewarding yourself with a 2-hour social media and Netflix break, isn’t going to cut it. You have to shift your focus from short-term pleasure to long-term goals.

Honesty is best the policy

You can only succeed in online learning if you commit to your studies and are honest about your exams and assignments. One should follow the same ethics as in any traditional classroom. Ensure that you avoid any cheating in the exams or plagiarizing the projects. You can pass the exams by cheating, but you will not gain the knowledge you paid so much money. So perform your best with honesty and integrity.


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