Top 8 Books For Freshers in Language Studies

Top 8 Books For Freshers in Language Studies

Learning a new language can be very intimidating. Usually, freshmen in college are in a little bit of a shock when they start from the basics. Also, there are often some professors who don’t really explain grammar and punctuation that well. Or, maybe, you just need to practice more on your own or in a group.

Maybe you need assistance with history or any other subject. In this situation, you can pay for an essay on EssayHub  and spend more time on things that need more of your attention. In any case, students definitely need a little bit of help when learning something new. It doesn’t have to be a second language, but practice shows that a lot of pupils struggle with linguistics.

There are some linguistic groups that are very similar, like English and German. You can start from here and choose classes that will be easier for you. But if you like a challenge, try discovering something completely new, like Finnish or Dutch. With this list, students will learn some useful tricks that definitely will be helpful for all freshmen in linguistics.

So here are the top 8 books for freshers in language studies!

‘An Introduction to Applied Linguistics’, by Norbert Schmitt

This book is an interesting piece of reading for freshmen who are interested in the field of linguistics. Three segments of this book offer everything that a student may need in the first year of classes. You will understand how different expressions are used. Also, there are some quizzes to test your knowledge!

‘How to Learn a Foreign Language’, by Paul Pimsleur Ph.D.

This reading is on the more serious side of education. Paul Pimsleur is an educator who created a unique audio-based learning system. It allows students to break down their education process into three main sectors: grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Basically, this is a classic approach to SLA (second language acquisition). You can’t go wrong with classics!

‘Learn Any Language FAST! – The Ultimate Guide to Speed Up Your Language Learning Curve By Tricking Your Brain’, by Dagny Taggart

Okay, so maybe you spent your entire semester goofing off with your friends, and now it’s time to prepare for midterms. Don’t worry because the authors of this reading got your back! They offer some life hacks from personal experience about remembering a new language in a quick and fun way! It’s also full of humor, so you won’t get bored while studying.

‘How to Learn Any Language’, by Barry M. Farber

Basically, it’s all in the title. After reading this book, you will have the skill to learn more than 25 different languages. Perhaps, even more, if you can repurpose the tools from this reading to other linguistic groups. There are four aspects that students have to understand:

  • Time spent on SLA. When you are waiting for an elevator or cooking dinner, you could be listening to a new chapter and memorizing vocabulary.
  • Memory techniques that you use for SLA. Maybe the classic approach is not fit for you. Try placing a hundred sticky notes with foreign words around the house!
  • Immersion in the new culture. Linguistic students often talk to native speakers a lot, and for a reason! You can pick up a lot even from a movie or a song.
  • The secret knowledge of the author. You have to read the book to learn about the unique combination of tools that will help you in the future!

‘How to Learn a New Language with a Used Brain’, by Lynn McBride

In this case, ‘used brain’ should not be seen as offensive. It only means that your mind has everything you need to become bilingual! With the help of other linguists, the author of this book created a program with six steps so students can apply them to their classes. Also, pupils can see what techniques work and what are only marketing tricks.

‘Second Language Acquisition: An Introductory Course’, by Susan M. Gass, Jennifer Behney, and Luke Plonsky

This is another course material for beginners that is focused entirely on learning a second language. You will find everything that you need to know about why people want to be bilingual, the essence of linguistic heritage, and the best tools for this field of education.  This reading also has a dictionary of new terms that freshmen might not yet know.

‘Linguistics for Dummies’, by Rose-Marie Dechaine, Strang Burton, and Eric Vatikiotis-Bateson

Everybody knows about the ‘For Dummies’ book series. This one offers a fun way of understanding the science behind human interactions. Linguistics is how people understand each other and develop their knowledge even further. This book is perfect for the first year of college when students want to have a deeper understanding of the subject.

‘Phonetics for Dummies’, by William F. Katz

This reading is also from the ‘For Dummies’ book series but about the ways humans produce sounds. Phonetics allows people to create speech, and it has lots of applications outside of linguistic studies. This subject is one of the most important for the freshmen who deal with SLA. If you decide to buy this book online, you will also get access to quizzes and videos!

To Sum Up 

So, there you have it, top 8 books for freshers in language studies! As you can see, there are more than enough materials for freshmen who have no idea where to start. Also, all of these books will serve as an excellent addition to the course materials. Even professors can find these readings helpful and can use them in their classes!



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