Top 5 Games to Immerse Yourself on PlayStation 5

Top 5 Games to Immerse Yourself on PlayStation 5

The new PlayStation 5 is thrilling millions with its superfast loading, adaptive triggers, deeper immersion, 3D audio on headset and speakers, and numerous other supercool features. But, just after buying a PS5 one is faced with a difficult choice. There are 519 games on this console, almost all of which are mind-boggling in gameplay, graphics and sound. So, to help you come out of this dilemma, we have prepared a list of the top 5 games that PS5 offers and while you are at it, just don’t miss out on the irresistible casino bonus that you can enjoy and have fun with.

God of War

This game was already amazing on the PS4. But PS5 made it totally God level. While the previous version ran on 1080p, the version on PS5 runs at a stunning checkerboard 2160p resolution and 60 fps. The storyline of the latest 2018 God of War follows from six previous versions of the game. In this version, the game opens with the funeral of Faye, the recently demised wife of Kratos, who is the main protagonist of the game. This event forebodes the end of the brief period of peace in Kratos’ life. He now has to raise his son Atreus on his own. The ultimate mission of the game is to fulfill Faye’s last wish, to have her ashes scattered on the highest peak in the realm.

Kratos is at the receiving end of the attacks of the offensive Greek gods who are aware of his record at vanquishing their kind and his motives are only fulfilling his wife’s wishes and protecting his son. Both the weapons in God of War (2018) are stunning; one is Faye’s ice-wielding Leviathan Axe and the other is a Fire-wielding weapon.


Spider-Man (2020)

The erratic, licentious on-sir swinging mechanics generally give Spider-Man games on PS5 a much more 3D visual experience than other games. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (2020) improves upon its predecessors with extra particles and lighting effects. Miles Morales does more enthralling combat than his mentor Peter Parker with his added bioelectricity attacks and a variety of venom attacks that tackle well in either one-on-one or crowd scenarios. Traces of a 4D experience can be sensed via the DualSense Controller of the PS5 where, for example, rumbling vibrations coincide with electric webs sent by the hero.

Ghost of Tsushima

This Game provides an unique fantasy/ historical adventure experience as the protagonist Jin Sakai, a samurai enters a quest to protect the island of Tsushima Island from the first invasion of Mongols in Japan. Published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and developed by the famous Sucker Punch Productions, this game introduces an organisational element, as Jin, the sole remaining member of his clan, must recruit Yuna, a thief, Taka, a blacksmith and also Yuna’s brother, Lady Masako Adachi, a renowned warrior, Sensei Sadanobu Ishikawa, a Kyudo archer, Kenji, a conman and merchant, Norio, a Buddhist warrior-monk, Yuriko, the aged caretaker of Sakai clan and Ryuzo, childhood friend of Jin as well as top gun of the notorious Straw Hat clan. The battle to defeat Khotun Khan’s Mongol fleet, that too with traditional weapons, always keeps the player immersed in the game.


Use of adaptive triggers with every type of weapon makes Fortnite more challenging, as it makes the player more vulnerable to different kinds of dangers. The endangering effect of adaptive triggers is more than balanced by Haptic feedback. It is as if the player is aided with a sixth sense while playing the game. Activity Cards in the game make it one of the easiest to navigate through diverse game modes. Battle Royale generated in the atmosphere, that too in a multiplayer mode, gives this game an experience not to be found elsewhere.

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Resident Evil Village

As easily understood by the name, the game takes place in the setting of the Resident Evil Series. Played in the First Person perspective, the player assumes the persona of Ethan Winters as he ventures through the convoluted paths of the mysterious village. Many new scenarios are added to the ones in the series. There is one key twist in the storyline — Chris Redfield becomes a starkly villainous figure. The admixture of the horror and adventure genres makes the game a superhit among players.

This was our pick for the five best games on PS5. Now, it is your turn to dive in and feel for yourself what this console has to offer.

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