Gold Mangalsutra Designs: A Modern Take on Traditions for the Fashionista Bride

Does style play an important role in your life? If so, and if you express yourself mainly through fashion, style cannot be compromised even as you take your seat at the ‘mandap’ as the bride. Your fashionista side should be able to show through even in traditional wedding attire. When it comes to picking the ideal mangalsutra, innovative jewellery brands have got your back!

While a mangalsutra is a sacred adornment worn by the bride, holding utmost ritualistic value – it should not be limited to a backdated design. The mangalsutra is known to ward off evil spirits and bring wealth and prosperity into the bride’s new family – and it is an ornament that the bride wears every day!

So, the fashionista bride deserves to adorn herself in a timeless mangalsutra that speaks to her personality, elevated style and unique quirks.

This blog will familiarise you with two fresh designs of gold mangalsutra that are not only in touch with the much-treasured Indian traditions but are also totally up to fashionista brides’ alley!

Gold Mangalsutra Designs for Women Who Won’t Compromise Style

As a woman enters a new household, she is in a somewhat unfamiliar environment. Also, with that comes new responsibilities and new relationships.

To still have a sense of self in between the conundrum of discovering new avenues of bonding, keeping something to which you can personally connect to help you stay grounded and true.

So, opt for a mangalsutra that not just appeals to your sense of style but holds sentimental value. Here are two gold mangalsutra designs women around the country love and adore:

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Gold Mangalsutra Designs With Alphabetical Charms

If you want to buy Mangalsutra designs online, opt for one with a dangly charm holding personal meaning to you – as you would wear it all the more often!

For example, you can choose a meaning-abound alphabet like the initial of your name, your beloved’s name or even the letter ‘L’ that stands for love! You are more likely to feel at home while adorned in your mangalsutra.

You can even derive power and motivation from simply holding onto your mangalsutra at times of stress at work, due to the love it symbolises.

By picking out a specific alphabet, you are infusing the mangalsutra with a personal touch and meaning. The mangalsutra is also designed to embody minimalism so it can be versatile to style. Pair the mangalsutra with bright-coloured clothes or even your daily workwear outfits, and re-establish your love for fashion even after getting newly hitched!

Gold Mangalsutra Designs With Numerical Charms

Opt for a gold mangalsutra with a numerical dangly charm. You can choose a number which holds special meaning to you – be it your lucky number, the date on which you and your beloved met, a special date marking a milestone in your life, or simply a shape you adore!

The incorporation of a numerical charm is not only a fresh take on the traditional mangalsutra design, but it also tells a story you deeply connect with.

The mangalsutra with numerical charms are also super easy to style owing to their minimal make and quirky take. Pair it with your white tank top, and flared white trousers; layer on a formal pastel-coloured shirt and a brown belt to complete the look.

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Final Word on Finding Your Mangalsutra

As a gold mangalsutra is supposed to be worn daily by the bride, it should complement her vibe for her to feel comfortable in it. Modern jewellery brands are constantly experimenting with jewellery designs and mangalsutra has not been left behind.

By adding a dangly charm which holds personal meaning to the bride, the mangalsutra becomes more of a style statement and a personal favourite of the woman. If she can live her voguish dreams through an ornament she must wear daily – her new life is made much easier!

So, to find the perfect mangalsutra for yourself, go through catalogues of trend-sensitive and value-conscious jewellery brands like Mia by Tanishq, who are constantly making marks in the sector of trendy jewellery design.

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