6 Great Features to Look for in Software for Your HVAC Company

6 Great Features to Look for in Software for Your HVAC Company

When deciding on the best software for HVAC companies to use, there are a number of different factors that a business owner needs to take into account. Here are some features that business owners operating in the service industry can benefit from having at their disposal.

6 Great Features to Look for in Software for HVAC Company Use

1. Scheduling Work Orders

While technical know-how and the right tools are important, the administrative side of an HVAC company’s business is just as important. Getting workers to the right job sites at the right times helps to build customer loyalty and satisfaction. Clear, easy-to-understand scheduling through professional service software allows a company to improve this vital aspect of their business.

2. Support for Recurring Work Orders

When it comes to servicing HVAC systems, there are many situations where routine maintenance or follow-up work needs to be scheduled in advance. The right service software can help make this process much more simple, as well. With just a few clicks, employees will be able to set up future appointments on a recurring basis to continue supporting the company’s clients.

3. Streamlined Customer Information

Having the most information possible about a customer allows one to better anticipate and meet their needs. The right service software makes accessing relevant customer information easier than ever. With information such as previous work orders and information about upcoming appointments easily at hand, employees will be able to provide customers with personalized service.

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4. Automated Payments and Invoicing

The professionals that work for an HVAC company are trained experts in working with the systems and tools of their industry; they shouldn’t be expected to learn complicated financial interfaces on top of that. The right service software can help this aspect of business run as smoothly as possible. Easy-to-use payment links make the process straightforward for clients and employees alike, with statements and invoices automatically generated for increased convenience.

5. Inventory Monitoring and Management

Having the right supplies and materials on hand is essential for any HVAC company to achieve its goal of meeting its customers’ needs. Professional service software can help to meet this need, providing convenient inventory tracking that helps inform users of exactly what materials are on hand. The software can even be set up to automatically reorder certain items once they reach a certain threshold, ensuring supplies never completely run out.

6. Compatibility with Mobile Systems

While the best software for HVAC will have plenty of helpful applications in an office setting, being able to take those features to the job site adds even more convenient functionality. Finding service software compatible with smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices allows access to its features from anywhere. Ideally, a system that works with both Android and iOS devices maximizes the compatibility with devices workers already use in their day-to-day lives.

All of these features and more come included in many different software options, giving HVAC and other service industry companies several different options to choose from when finding the one that best suits their needs.

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