Utilize DiSTI’s Virtual Training Development Tools To Transform Maintenance Processes

Utilize DiSTI’s Virtual Training Development Tools To Transform Maintenance Processes

The DiSTI Corporation is the leading provider of Virtual Maintenance Training solutions. DiSTI utilizes VE Studio® to build a one-of-its-kind Virtual Maintenance Trainer (VMT) for various industries. A Virtual Maintenance Trainer (VMT) is a simulation-based training tool used by airlines, MROs, universities, and training centers worldwide.

DiSTI’s Virtual Maintenance Training solutions reduce training costs and increase operational efficiency by teaching any number of aircraft malfunctions on demand. DiSTI’s virtual solutions enable you to save time and money while enhancing the overall safety of your operation. These virtual training tools are user-friendly, engage your employees, and motivate them to learn.

VE Studio® is the leading development platform for creating 3D virtual training solutions and one of the best custom development services providers for virtual and augmented reality applications. Harnessing DiSTI’s virtual maintenance training solutions enables maintenance technicians to explore aircraft using the fully functional virtual flight deck and virtual aircraft.

The DiSTI Corporation’s VE Studio® facilitates the seamless development of virtual maintenance training solutions that reduce training time spent in the actual aircraft and migrate your training resources to a controlled classroom setting. DiSTI’s Virtual Maintenance Trainers empower students to train without environmental distractions and real-world limitations, offering them time to focus on instructor-led scenarios and procedure training.

VE Studio® is equipped with powerful productivity tools to deliver any virtual training project. Disti’s virtual training solutions offer a variety of powerful productivity tools, making them the most trusted commercial off-the-shelf solutions. VE Studio® is the most effective platform for prototyping to full-scale solutions. It enables you to build a virtual training prototype in a couple of hours and then scale it to a production system, including thousands of procedures.

The design of VE Studio® facilitates rapid prototyping and iteration, making it versatile to handle a range of equipment ranging from the most straightforward part-task trainers to more complex ones such as aircraft and weapons systems. Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies are transforming the training processes adopted by companies.

DiSTI equips companies with the tools and solutions to leverage their investments by reducing the cost of developing and supporting virtual training solutions. DiSTI’s services and products revolutionize the process of sharing content such as CAD and work in process procedures with our virtual training development platform, VE Studio®.

Harnessing the power of VE Studio®, DiSTI’s leading virtual training solutions development platform simplifies complex, lengthy training with easy-to-use grade management portals for instructors and interactive lessons for students. DiSTI’s training deliverables consist of the most immersive and engaging solutions on the market.

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DiSTI’s end-to-end solutions enable organizations to create training applications quickly and cost-effectively. These transformative solutions for Virtual Maintenance Training include project workflow, virtual operations training, field services mobile refresher, equipment familiarization training, guided field service augmentation, and safety training.

Customer Testimonials

  • F-16C

VMT allows multiple technicians to work together for the aviation industry while helping them reinforce cockpit spatial awareness. DiSTI’s VMT is equipped with features including the ability to launch training scenarios, monitor and control student progress, and set up an aircraft environment for Instructor operating stations.

The F-16C is a cost-effective multi-role fighter aircraft designed for air superiority. With features such as a frameless bubble canopy for enhanced visibility, a seat that helps reduce the effects of g-forces on the pilot, and a state-of-the-art flight control system, the F-16 is one of the most common currently operational military aircraft, with over 4500 F-16 aircraft in operation around the world.

Being a strategic asset for air superiority and defensive operations and serving as the backbone for several defense organizations makes minimal downtime crucial for mission success. To keep the F-16C mission-ready, you must harness the latest technologies to create a virtual maintenance trainer that augments traditional training for aircraft crewmembers.

The DiSTI Corporation utilized VE Studio® to develop the virtual training program that can fulfill the requirements of an international customer operating the F-16C Block 52 aircraft. The F-16C Virtual Training program consists of two applications to support the first and second-line maintenance tasks for flight line crews and maintenance personnel. 

The first application is the F-16C Flight Line Crew (FLC)  Trainer, which assists in training the Flight Line Crew to perform Preflight/Postflight, Thruflight, Launch, and Recovery procedures. The second application is the Virtual Maintenance Trainer for F-16C aircraft. The F-16C VMT trains maintenance personnel in second-line maintenance tasks to support operational checks, fault isolation, and removal/replacement of failed components, seamlessly returning the virtual aircraft to a functional state.

DiSTI used the VE Studio® toolkit to create the Virtual Maintenance Training Environment (VMTE) for the F-16C. The VE Studio® toolkit offers an out-of-the-box development framework ideal for managing the production process and maximizing supportability.

VE Studio®’s turn-key functionality includes proven navigation and interaction techniques with the 3D virtual aircraft, virtual support equipment, 2D interactive aircraft schematics, and display of all cautions and warnings based on the aircraft maintenance documentation. The F-16C VMTE supports the modeling of physical constraints, collision detection, stereo sound cues, and representations of danger areas, such as engine intake and exhaust.

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The F-16C training application supports individual and team training, allowing each student to run a standalone training scenario, or connected via Ethernet, allowing two students to operate together. Instructors can control the training scenario and mode of operation, insert faults, and monitor student performance.

This partnership aims to simplify the training process while lowering training and operational costs. DiSTI’s F-16C VMT helps train highly skilled personnel faster while allowing trainees to make mistakes, sometimes of the life-threatening variety, and experience the outcomes with no serious repercussions. The virtual trainer enhances the user’s training initiatives for this sophisticated aircraft by effectively reducing overall training time and costs. 

DiSTI’s Virtual training solutions can log metrics on the software’s accuracy, time, errors, and completion percentage during training reviewed with the training managers. Leveraging new technology will help attract top talent, lower costs improve safety and efficiencies while further growing market share. 


DiSTI aims at innovating and streamlining training processes for organizations by offering innovative solutions for employee and customer training, all while improving project ROI. Our UI software and virtual training solutions help developers and designers alike to manage the pressures of workflow efficiency without compromising quality, value, flexibility, or performance.

Our products, services, and training solutions enable us to meet demanding delivery deadlines, budget constraints, and stringent application requirements while offering customization options specific to their business needs. DiSTI aims to exceed customer expectations through its on-time delivery, innovation, and continuous improvement while conducting assigned duties.

DiSTI products and services are the industry benchmark for unsurpassed quality, unparalleled value, unprecedented re-usability, and unbeatable performance. Our aim to deliver customer-centric solutions established the framework for our quality objectives throughout our day-to-day operations. To this end, we are committed to establishing and maintaining a quality management system that focuses on continuous improvement.

Visit our VE Studio® to learn more about DiSTI’s extensive experience building custom solutions for this industry. If you’d like to explore your own virtual maintenance training solutions, contact us at sales@disti.com.

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