5 Great Ways To Use Alexa

5 Great Ways To Use Alexa

Alexa, which is sold by Amazon, is currently the voice-activated digital virtual assistant that is used the most frequently. Alexa has more than 45,000 abilities and can connect to and control more than 13,000 different smart home devices.

The Amazon Echo is the most frequent device used to access Alexa. Because there are so many to pick from, it can be difficult to determine which ones are worth your time. Because of this, we have compiled a list of five of Alexa’s most useful features that will genuinely make your life easier.

Alexa Can Activate Your Lights.

Whether you live in an old house with dodgy wiring, have too many light switches to remember which controls what, or simply want a more advanced version of the Clapper, smart light bulbs make it possible to brighten your home with just a simple voice command. Alexa can turn on individual lights or groups of lights separately or collectively, regardless of which physical switch they are attached to. It can also handle routines for dimming and colour settings.

You won’t ever have to worry about coming home to a dark house or stumbling to the bathroom in the middle of the night in the dark if you have smart lights in your home. There are a variety of smart lights available on the market; however, Philips Hue smart bulbs consistently receive excellent grades and are simple to integrate with Alexa by way of either the Philips Hue skill or an IFTTT setting.

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Alexa can organise your grocery list.

If you’ve ever been elbow-deep in cleaning your toilet when you realised you were out of paper towels, or if you’ve ever started changing a diaper only to realise your hamper is empty, you can appreciate how convenient it is to have a shopping list that you can access without using your hands.

Using Alexa’s Any.do Skill,you may ask it to place an order directly from Amazon while you are simultaneously cooking, cleaning, or carrying your child. Alternatively, you can just ask her to add products and to-dos to your shopping list.

Alexa Uses Your Voice

It is no longer necessary to yell across the house to call your spouse for dinner or remind your children to clean their rooms. Alexa’s Announcements feature allows you to be just like the virtual mom in Disney Channel’s Smart House by broadcasting your voice messages to all connected Echo devices in your home.

There is also no requirement for you to bring your smartphone along with you or to manually write up texts to send to your loved ones. You can make hands-free calls to contacts and send voice messages directly from your Echo device using the Alexa-to-Alexa calling and messaging feature. If your relatives and friends have also enabled the capability. Drop In even enables you to connect instantaneously to devices that are located outside of your home.

Alexa Can Crank Up the Temperature

There’s a solid reason why smart thermostats are consistently ranked among the top five most popular items in Amazon’s smart-home category. These devices observe the patterns of their users and adjust the temperature and the airflow accordingly, thereby reducing the amount of energy used and saving the user money.

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If you own a home with engineered wood flooring that has underfloor heating, then that also means you can do the exact same with Alexa. Turning the temperature up in your home couldn’t be any easier.

Alexa Is Like Having A DJ.

Using Alexa’s music-streaming connections, you can play music to set the mood, ask for a dinner soundtrack, and forego the usual alarm clock. Alexa is compatible with a large number of well-known music streaming services, such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora, SiriusXM, and iHeartRadio.

Recently, Amazon added the capability to ask for a certain playlist or tune at a particular time. With the Alexa app, users can easily link their accounts and select a default player without having to download a new skill.


Smart Home devices such as Alexa are a great way to modernise your home. It is clear that they have many useful functions such as above. This only scrapes the barrel in regard to what they can do. Not only are they super cool but they are affordable too. Setting them up is also a breeze.



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