HDFC UPI- How to Register, Limit, and Charges

The HDFC UPI interface allows its customers to transfer funds easily with the help of HDFC UPI ID/VPA to the beneficiary’s account. To make a UPI transfer, the user does not require any kind of bank details, IFSC Code, account number, etc. The only requirement is of downloading HDFC UPI App on smartphones via Google Play Store or Apple Store for Android or IOS devices respectively. 

The UPI interface allows customers to go cashless and transact using a smartphone using only a Virtual Payment Address (VPA). The handle name of HDFC UPI ID or VPA has the suffix- @hdfcbank. Therefore, to initiate a transaction via UPI there is no such need to add beneficiaries to make transfers such as NEFT, IMPS, etc. Once a VPA is created, one has to create an m-PIN and link all bank accounts through the app.

A user can have access to UPI 24*7, i.e. a transfer can be made via UPI at any time of the day with the help of the Internet, without worrying about the HDFC Bank timings. 

Features of HDFC Limit

  • Simple to use

No addition of beneficiary required 

A transaction can be done using the beneficiary’s UPI ID only (no other bank details required) 

  • Ease of Access

Easy to access on your mobile phone

Non-HDFC Bank customers can use it via a non-login section of the Mobile Banking App

  • Secure transactions

All UPI transactions are authorized using a unique UPI PIN that you set for the account

  • Availability

Available 24*7, 365 Days

  • HDFC UPI Apps

  • PayZapp (@payzapp)

  • MobileBanking App (@hdfcbank)


How to use it?


For HDFC Bank Customers

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  • Create a BHIM / UPI ID

  • Click on the ‘BHIM UPI Payment’ icon at the bottom of the HDFC Bank Mobile Banking App

  • An auto SMS for device biding & security will be generated. Send this SMS (standard SMS charges will be applicable)

  • Create a UPI ID. E.g. your Mobile no as your UPI ID like 98XXXXXX21@hdfcbank.

  • Select the HDFC Bank account number to be linked to UPI ID.

  • Generate 4 digit UPI PIN using debit card details & UPI registration is done.


Pay Money using BHIM / UPI

  • Click on ‘the BHIM UPI Payment’ icon at the bottom of the HDFC Bank Mobile Banking App

  • Enter the 6-digit App password

  • Click on the option “Send Money”

  • You can select to pay via

  • UPI ID of the beneficiary

  • Account no. & IFSC

  • Mobile No. & MMID

  • Enter the Amount and other details

  • Enter 4 digit UPI PIN and Pay


Request Money using BHIM UPI:

  • Login to the HDFC Bank Mobile Banking App

  • Click on Account > BHIM HDFC Bank > Request Money

  • Go to Collect Option

  • Enter the UPI ID of the payer

  • Enter the amount and description

  • Set the Expiry Duration and Initiate request

For Non-HDFC Bank Customers

Create a BHIM / UPI ID:

  • Download the Mobile Banking App. (*For Android users only)

  • Click on the BHIM HDFC Bank icon on the bottom left of the screen

  • Create a UPI ID. e.g.(998765432@hdfcbank)

  • Choose a security question and set an answer

  • Choose Bank and bank account

  • Set 6-digit Application Password


Pay Money using BHIM / UPI 

  • Click on the ‘BHIM HDFC Bank’ icon on the bottom left of the Mobile Banking App screen

  • *For Android users only

  • Enter the 6-digit App password

  • Click on ‘Pay’

  • You can select to pay via

  • UPI ID of the beneficiary

  • Account no. & IFSC

Enter 4 digit UPI PIN and Pay




Below mentioned is the HDFC UPI Limit for the UPI-based transactions:

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UPI Transactions

Maximum Limit

P2P (Person to Person) and P2M (Person to Merchant)

INR 1 lakh or 10 transactions (Calculated on 24 hours basis)

Capital markets and Merchant collect​​​​​​​
(Eg:- AMC, Broking, Mutual Funds, Credit card payments,
Loan re-payments, EMI, etc.)

INR 2 lakhs per transaction

IPO Application using UPI

INR 5 lakhs per transaction


Charges for HDFC UPI:

Transaction Amount

Fee (In RS)

INR 1 to INR 25000


INR 25000 to INR 1 lakh


How to Register to UPI:


HDFC Mobile Banking App

  1. Download HDFC Mobile Banking App. 

  2. Login using your Customer ID and Password

  3. Click on Menu/Pay/UPI Payment from your registered mobile number

  4. Enter the UPI ID you desire

  5. Add your Bank Account to start your UPI Payments


Google Pay

  1. Download Google Pay App on his smartphone from the Play store

  2. Enter his mobile number & click next

  3. Wait for the phone to read the OTP sent by Google Pay.

  4. Set App Pin

  5. Click New Payment & select HDFC Bank.

  6. Select your Bank Account & keep the Debit card handy

  7. Enter the Debit card’s last 6 digits, and debit card pin followed by an OTP & debit card pin of the street vendor. Now set the 4-digit UPI Pin


  1. Go to WhatsApp

  2. Click on options

  3. Select Payments

  4. Add payment method

  5. Accept the Terms and conditions

  6. Select HDFC Bank account

  7. Verify Via SMS and Phone Number

  8. Set Up complete


  1. Download BHIM App

  2. Select the preferred Language

  3. Verify the phone number

  4. Set up a PIN

  5. Select HDFC Bank Account and get started

How to get your UPI QR Code?

HDFC Mobile Banking App

  1. Login to HDFC Mobile Banking App

  2. Click on Scan & Pay

  3. Click on Receive

  4. Click on Generate QR Code after entering the Amount and Remarks

Google Pay

  1. Login to google pay

  2. Click on your profile on top right of the screen

  3. Click on your profile

  4. Swipe Left to get your QR code


  1. Click on Options on WhatsApp

  2. Click on Payments

  3. Click on your profile to see your QR


  1. Login to BHIM

  2. Click on your profile at the bottom of the screen to get your QR

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