Guide to Generating B2B Leads

Guide to Generating B2B Leads

How to Generate B2B Leads

Leads are the start of any sales funnel. However, you need to set up your lead generation properly so that your sales team can make good use of their time. After all, it is all about closing the deal. Not about the endless search for potential customers.

Attracting customers to online stores, banks, beauty salons, and other niches is a need solved by marketing. Therefore, any business needs a clear marketing strategy.

You need to determine the ways to attract customers, the customer acquisition channels, target audience, lead qualification options, etc. If you have a sales funnel where targeted leads enter systematically and regularly, there are more chances to avoid rushed jobs and gain competitive advantages.

In this article, we’ll tell you how your business can generate B2B leads. Also, Go through that offer services to generate B2B leads.

What Is Lead Generation and Where to Buy Lead

Every entrepreneur knows that there is no business without sales. To have constant sales, you need to engage in customer acquisition.

Lead generation is a set of measures aimed at attracting potential customers. The essential difference between this term and the usual “customer acquisition” is that the main purpose of lead gen is to collect contact information from a customer.

Thoughtful and systematic lead generation helps to optimize business processes, make all marketing activities as effective as possible, and attract potential customers to the site in a short time.

You may be asking yourself, where can I buy lead? The answer is: you can order lead generation services from outsourcing companies, digital agencies, and sales companies. At the stage of Deal Closing the b2b appointment generation teams hand over leads to sales reps.

How to Improve the B2B Sales Lead Generation of Your Business

Every day the internet brings us new opportunities for generating leads. We have selected the most basic ones for you to use in 2021:

Content marketing and B2B sales lead generation

You can attract B2B leads with the help of content marketing tools. You need to choose a narrow category of people who will be interested in a newsletter and send them letters with useful information. For example, it could be instructional videos, product comparisons, or digests of the best products.

Lenovo’s management analyzed the audience and concluded that, in addition to the technical characteristics and prices for their computers, it is necessary to post useful information on the site. The company’s marketers have developed separate platforms in 7 languages ​​called ThinkProgress. They tell users about IT trends, new technical developments, and psychological research. The articles casually feature Lenovo products, without any call to purchase or lure with discounts. These sites have attracted more than 300 thousand users and received 450 thousand post views.

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Email marketing

Email marketing

If your potential B2B sales lead is not yet ready to buy something from you, then it makes sense to warm up the relationship with them. Here, e-mail marketing is appropriate. If you organize your work with this tool correctly, then clients will not only be attracted but will also stay for a long time.

There are several misconceptions about the effectiveness of this marketing tool. For example, many people think that email marketing and spam are the same thing, but they are not.

Spam is a mass mailing, most often of an advertising nature, without the consent of the recipient. In this case, purchased databases are used, laws are violated, and the image of the sender is spoiled. Whereas email marketing implies communication with subscribers with their prior consent.

Email marketing is a set of actions aimed at achieving goals according to a pre-developed strategy. The first stage is collecting contacts and entering them into the database. It also includes structuring the contact base, working with segments, multiple chains, answering questions, etc.

You can place a subscription form on your website. Further in the plans can be the development of a content plan, mailing calendar, corporate identity. After that, you need to choose a service that automates the process by collecting the data of all your contacts.


Important note – the essential KPI of your email marketing success is the rate of your emails’ deliverability. When the newsletter isn’t successfully delivered to the receiving end to open it, there is simply no effect. Thankfully, you can efficiently track and manage your deliverability rates through Folderly – a powerful solution dedicated to the single purpose of boosting email deliverability.

Video marketing

Video marketing is gaining traction. Youtube is the second most popular internet search engine after Google. Entertainment, educational, musical – videos can be all in one. Every sixth inhabitant of the planet and every second internet user visits Youtube. This led the site to become the second most visited resource in the world.

The popularity of Youtube is explained by the fact that a person perceives information much better in a visual and audio format. Especially when 90% of texts on the Internet are pure water.

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It takes a lot of effort to make a high-quality video. But on the other hand, it can become another sales manager of yours, who works around the clock, seven days a week and without sick days. And with every view, it gets better and better.

With the help of a video, depending on its type, you:

  • increase brand awareness;
  • share your expertise;
  • show the level of quality of your services;
  • get an additional channel for attracting clients;
  • build trust with the client;
  • find partners.

And promotion on Youtube is still cheaper than on other channels.

Search engines are biased towards video content. In particular, Google “loves” Youtube videos. Do you know why? Because Youtube is owned by Google.

Therefore, if the script in your video is written with the correct wording and the correct frequency of keywords, there is a chance of getting potentially interested customers to your site.


In times of fierce competition, the winner is the one who does not just do something, but the one who shares knowledge at the same time.

If you are not yet ready to create a website, you can start with a blog. And if you already have a website, create a separate blond page for publishing long-reads.

Why does a business need a blog? To increase the reach. With the right systematic work, search engines begin to accept your blog and show it in organic search results.

It takes time to develop a blog, but it brings results. Not immediately, but they last for a long time. This method of generating leads does not require heavy effort – it is enough to write a quality material every two weeks – and is useful for your target audience.

Social networks

Social media searches are still effective. What about social media promotion? SMM activity often begins with the creation of pages and groups.

Many marketers and business owners are obsessed with social networks, constantly counting likes, shares, and subscribers.

It is important to remember, however, that social networks are appropriate to use together with other tools to maintain the brand image and increase awareness about a product or service. As an additional tool, but not as a basic one. For the B2B segment, Linkedin and Facebook are the best choices.


There may be even more tools for attracting customers on the internet, but only a systematic approach to building online promotion will help you choose the perfect ones for your niche.

We hope this article helped you get closer to building a systematic internet marketing strategy for your B2B business. If you have any questions about B2B sales lead generation or where to buy lead, you can contact the experts at our company.

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