The Best Free Screen Recorder in 2021

The Best Free Screen Recorder in 2021

Even though it’s not everyone is a video lover, some are video enthusiasts and want to record almost everything that they do in their lives. Such a person can tell you the value of a good screen recorder in their day-to-day endeavors. If you want to record a gaming moment or record a video that can’t be downloaded, a screen recorder would serve you best. Don’t be surprised, it’s more effective than most of the paid screen recorders you find in the market today.

Although some advanced smartphones are coming with the screen recording feature, this isn’t the case for computers. With a PC you need a reliable screen recorder to keep your activities on record for future reference. If you have been experiencing issues with the screen recorder you use currently, the IObit screen recorder is the solution to your problems. It is a highly-reliable online screen recording program you can use to capture all video movements and audios from your computer.

  1. Main Features of IObit Screen Recorder.

Of course, there are several reasons why many people screen recording and video enthusiasts love to use this software. If you didn’t know, this software comes with handy features that make it more convenient than the others. Though we may not touch on all, below are some unique features of the IObit Screen Recorder free online screen recorder:

  1. No Watermark on Recorded Videos.

Most of the free screen recorders available for download include watermarks to the videos you record. The IObit free screen recorder gives you a chance to enable and disable the watermark option from its dashboard. This way, you are free to record high-quality HD videos with no watermarks.

  1. Easy Editing Options.

If you have used this software and others too, I’m sure you’ll conquer with me that is super easy to use compared to the competitor options. Immediately you finish recording your videos, this free screen recording tool allows you to edit your video before saving it. The video editing option helps you to customize each video according to your unique needs.

  1. Supports Multiple Video Formats.

Once you are through with screen recording and editing your video, you can choose to save it in any of your preferred formats such as AVI, FLV, MP4, MP3, and much more.

  1. Simple User Interface.

Nothing hurts that when you take hours or days before knowing how to run software or an application. Undoubtedly, this is a total waste of time that can be used for more productive activities. Fortunately, the IObit screen recorder is uniquely designed in an exceptionally simple interface. Again, the download and installation processes for this tool are super easy.

  1. Safe to Use Screen Recorder.

Despite the high number of users using IObit Screen Recorder, the developers have not compromised user privacy. The company gives your data safety priority. When using it, you have no reason to stay worried about hacking.

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IObit Screen Recorder is designed by experts who were factoring in various screen recording needs and related problems. Anyone with a PC can use it because it is free to download and the paid subscription option is very affordable. With the IObit online screen recorder, you are assured of the best screen recorded videos to use on any platform of your choice. Don’t hesitate to download it today and start screen recording your best moments.

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