White Hat Link Building’s Newest Methods 2022

White Hat Link Building’s Newest Methods 2022

The world we live in today is digital. Corporations, businesses, entrepreneurs, and even the government, seek to be atop the digital curve. Therefore, there is increasing reliance on link building to leverage search engine optimization techniques, especially backlinks services, to ensure individual businesses and corporations rank high during online searches.

While there are a wide variety of techniques to maximize search engine optimization, white hat link building stands tall as the unrivaled suitable strategy. In this piece, we will explain all you need to know about white hat link building – why it’s a must-have link building tool, and the newest methods for 2022. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. 

What Is White Hat Link Building?

Although white hat link building enjoys popularity, a few do not have a sufficient understanding of what it means. If that is you, don’t worry; we have all the answers you need. Simply put, it is an effective medium for driving massive traffic to a particular website through search engine optimization techniques, usually the client’s website. It’s a proven medium to boost your web page ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Baidu. 

Notably, organic link building is an integral part of white hat link building. Organic link building entails enhancing users’ experience by improving the quality of content on the website, as well as expanding the grounds covered in the website’s content through the use of appropriate backlinking service.

White Hat and Other Link Building Techniques 

Another question you may ask yourself is why I must choose the white hat link building service and cannot settle down with any of the alternatives. Well, the answer is no rocket science. When offered white hat link building as a service, rest assured you will steer clear of all kinds of penalties by search engines like Google, Yahoo, and the likes. 

Today, the two most common search engine optimization techniques for link building are white hat and black hat. Another category that has surfaced in the last few years is the grey hat technique. Nevertheless, the white link building still enjoys unrivaled popularity. Below are some of the unique features of the different techniques.. 

Unique Features of White Hat Link Building

One of the most vital points of this technique is that this link building service is legitimate. That is, devoid of search engine algorithm manipulations. The features are as follows: 

  • Social media promotions
  • Outstanding content marketing
  • Forum and blogs industry participation
  • Relationship building  

Unique Features of Black Hat Link Building

  • Keyword stuffing 
  • Spam comments 
  • Unnatural link application 
  • Private blog networks
  • Cloaking

Flowing from the distinctive features above, it is clear that while the white hat technique utilizes link building services to educate users while also driving traffic to a website, the black hat technique employs the use of spam content to drive attention to their website without providing value to users who interface with the site. 

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Additionally, the white hat technique requires intense efforts from content creators, especially quality content writers and website designers, to provide valuable content. After that, organic link building is employed as a tactic to boost the search engine optimization of the webpage. Relevant to mention that the use of an organic link is well recommended across the board because it benefits the general online community. 

Furthermore, without mincing words, the white hat technique focuses on building long-term website development while its counterpart, the black hat technique, focuses squarely on short-term enhancement. 

Common features of the third classification, gray hat technique, are affiliate marketing, product reviews, purchasing links, native partnership and advertising, payment for citations, and listings. 

White Hat Link Building Tools

Arguably, you cannot fully grasp the value of the white hat building’s newest methods in 2022 without a vivid understanding of the workings of the white hat building tools. 

Therefore, in this section, we briefly provide all you need to know about the white hat building tools. 

  • Ahrefs: This tool, like all others, is available to all and sundry online; however, a quick review check would reveal to you this is the link builders’ preferred tool. It is often described as a holistic easy-to-use toolkit for search engine optimization. It is effective for assessing other websites’ organic traffic and backline profiles. In the same vein, it can be used to locate product mentions without links, among other purposes—the popular reservations about this particular toolkit border on its absence of mobile-friendly version and free trials. 
  • PitchBox: A defining benefit of this tool is that it allows users to view other search engine optimization metrics necessary to assess a website’s quality and develop quality link building. It also allows users to create templates useful for blogger outreach. The common issue users deal with is compatibility. It’s a complex interface that may take a while for a new user to understand. 
  • Hunter: This tool is SEO link building experts’ favourite for a couple of reasons. It allows them to get the email address out of a website – as a user, you have to type the domain name in the search bar, and patiently wait for the result to pop up. Like others, it has its criticisms: it does not have a social media research tool, and no person emails search.  

Newest Effective Methods for White Hat Link Building (2022)

The year is 2022, and innovative yet effective methods of building white hat links must be adopted. And true as the saying goes, whatever method fails to evolve will go moribund, hence, the need to understudy these new methods enumerated below. 

  • Offer Quality Contents

The backbone of these newest methods is the creation of top-notch content that satisfies the users’ evolving needs. To do this effectively, you must be familiar with the search engine optimization keyword research tools available. Through these tools, you will realize the suitable keywords for your webpage and optimize your content. In the interest of effectiveness, you must diversify your content requirements – text-based content, videos, and infographics, to mention a few.

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Equally important, you must ensure your contents are original. Plagiarism is a big turn-off. You stand the risk of legal penalties; it may probably cost you your website. As such, you must be careful about only releasing contents verified to be original. 

Additionally, your content must be engaging to sustain your audience’s attention. Usually, a catchy heading makes people want to read the content. Do well to explore this to your advantage. This would also make your content relevant for organic link building.

  • Guest Posting

Guest posting is another practical method you can adopt, and as the name implies, it creates content to be uploaded on a third party’s website or blog. An important thing you must pay attention to is the host’s blog guidelines for guest posting. Ticking the checkboxes of their requirements guarantees that your content will go live on their website. Reasonably, the host website should be a website dedicated to providing contents in your niche. 

At the end of your content, ensure you add a link that can lead them to your webpage. This way, the audience of the host website that enjoys your creative content will recognize you as an equally authoritative voice in the niche, and traffic will increase to your website.

  • Media Outreach

This is one of the hallmarks of the 2022 white hat link building method. It differs slightly from other methods because it entails creating appealing content for journalists and their media houses. To do this successfully, your content must be fundamentally educational. Preferably your content format has to be newsworthy. 

Although this used to be a daunting task, there are now several online resources that you can optimize to prepare your content. We recommend you book a column in the dailies or create a newsworthy narration that can be aired during broadcasting. If you settle for a column in the dailies, do not forget to put a do-follow link so the audience you just reached can access your website and consequently bolster traffic on it. 

  • Content Promotion

To boost traffic to your website, you should consider promoting your content that already has your link. You can view several digital marketing means to make your content go viral. For this method, you can utilize social media for wide coverage. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook allow you to create sponsored ads for all forms of content. We suggest you explore this method, considering that it is cost-effective. 

  • Podcast Outreach

Further reinforcing our submission that there are limitless digital opportunities for white hat link building promotion is podcast outreach. Here is how it works: marketing-related podcasts give reviews to businesses and industries. Being a guest on such a podcast is an effective way of publicizing your website. Ensure you articulate and effectively sell your website to the audience when you receive an invitation to grace such a podcast. 


Paramount to building a successful relationship with other websites is providing quality content on your webpage. Whit hat link building and other organic link building techniques are vital to improving your search ranking. 

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