4 Reasons Why You Should Use A Dedicated IP in 2022

4 Reasons Why You Should Use A Dedicated IP in 2022

IP addresses are so central to the functioning of the internet that there may be no internet without them. IPs are the unique identities of every device on the internet, which allow them to interact with web servers and related services. The IPs answer the question “who is asking?” that the servers ask when a user makes a request. They also let the server know where to deliver the answers it finds to.

IP addresses can be public or private, dynamic or static, and dedicated or shared.

You have a dedicated IP address if your VPN or hosting provider assigns an internet protocol address exclusively to you. This means you can use your IP instead of a domain name to access your website, which is possible because no one else on the internet can access that IP. A dedicated IP is contrary to a shared IP address that a service provider assigns to many users.

If you’ve been considering whether to use a dedicated IP or not, we will give you four reasons why you should totally go for it, but first, what exactly is a dedicated IP address?

What is a dedicated IP?

A dedicated IP address is a distinct internet address that a service provider assigns to a single hosting account. Typically, when you use a VPN server, you set your server location to, let’s say, Georgia. The provider will assign you an IP with the location you selected. Now, the provider will assign the same IP to many other users who select the same location. Conversely, if you go for a dedicated IP service, you will be assigned a static IP address dedicated to you only.

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Four reasons you should use a dedicated IP

The following are the four reasons why you should use a dedicated IP address in 2022:

Avoid Blacklists

When you are on a shared IP, you risk getting blocked or blacklisted for several reasons. First, many websites typically block IP addresses shared by many users. This practice is a safety measure intended to prevent fraudulent practices over the internet.

Second, and quite similarly, you can’t control the activities of other users on the shared IP. If any of them gets involved in anything malicious, spam distribution, for instance, search engines may move to block them, and you’d get blocked too.

A dedicated IP allows you to access the internet as an individual and avoid partaking in the punishment of others. Your access is guaranteed as long as you stay away from malicious practices online.

Remote access

Servers using dedicated IP addresses allow employees secure and efficient remote access to company resources. Employees with fixed IP addresses can connect to cloud-based networks by initiating a next-generation site-to-site static IP VPN. With this arrangement, you can avoid internal and external security breaches. Since each user on the network has been assigned a unique IP address, you can easily and quickly identify the compromised account on occasions when breaches occur.

Access Management

A dedicated IP allows you to manage and control access within your network. Since every device has a unique IP, you can see a list of all IPs on your network and determine what level of access any particular IP has to your company’s assets. You can also determine who has access to what resource and monitor each user’s activity. This capacity can be an added security measure for you and your company.

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Faster emails and file transfer

Because mail services typically double-check emails originating from shared IP addresses, they might slow delivery speed. Conversely, emails from dedicated IPs are delivered faster because the mail services trust such IPs more.

Similarly, you can use your dedicated IP address to create a file transfer protocol server for sharing files. Sharing files over this server is faster and more secure.

Frequently asked questions

Is a dedicated IP worth it?

While dedicated IP addresses usually come at an extra cost, they are well worth it. These IPs offer you many benefits, including improved security and improved data sharing speed, among others.

Are dedicated IP and shared IP the same?

No. A shared IP address is typically assigned to multiple users, while a dedicated IP is assigned to only one user, excluding others from accessing it.

Why would you need a dedicated IP address?

Website access without DNS, increased speed, and security are some of the different reasons to consider using a dedicated address. The uniqueness that the IP gives your website means the server does not have to search to locate it, thereby increasing response time.

Is dedicated IP good for gaming?

Yes. A dedicated IP address connects you to the internet without interruptions from the activities of other users. It generally improves the overall network connectivity, reducing lag and guaranteeing a better gaming experience.

How much is a dedicated IP?

Depending on your service provider, you can get a dedicated IP address for between $2 to $200 per month. A dedicated IP address can also come with a VPN hosting plan, which is more cost-effective.


Without a doubt, opting for a dedicated IP address comes with extra costs, but the benefits you get make up for the extra money you spend. Whether you’re an individual or a business, dedicated IPs can improve your experience with connectivity, privacy, and security. And if you’re already using a VPN service, you should really consider taking advantage of its dedicated IP offering.

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