How A Customised Mobile App Can Benefit A Travel Agency?

How A Customised Mobile App Can Benefit A Travel Agency?

A mobile application made by a professional app-development company as per the requirements of travel agencies and travelers is of utmost importance in today’s neck-biting competition.

How will it be beneficial? Read below.

  1. A common platform for agency and travelers

The travel agencies now have the freedom of putting information about all of their services on a single platform, which will directly be viewed by the app users. This may help greatly to turn them from potential business providers to actual service buyers as the application saves the hassle for the customers of looking into different places to get information on the services of their need.

So, if a person decides to go on a vacation, he/she can simply open the mobile application and get access to all the related information, how to reach there, and book comfortable stays.

  1. Seamless updates about discounts and offers

What could be a better way to find a high potential service buyer to provide information about the latest offers and discounts available than the person coming itself and asking the details. Travel agencies can now focus straight on their target market as they already know that the person is going to travel and need booking arrangements for the same.

Also, this digital transformation of providing information about the latest discounts and promotional events has become much smoother than the era of paper-flyers and advertisements.

  1. Database management of quality vendors

Agencies work with numerous vendors with different services to provide a wide array of options for their customers to choose from. The digitization helps in the ease of coherent management of their vendor’s related data.

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The mobile-app contributes to an end-to-end interaction with their customers, which will help collect actual vendor feedbacks. Therefore it allows the travel agency to rate vendors based on various parameters and further rank and manage them accordingly.

  1. Improved customer support

Improved customer support

The support team can straight away acknowledge and take action on the issue.

According to a survey, if a customer gets 24*7 support from the travel agency and gets listened-to swiftly, then that customer becomes more comfortable to travel knowing that there are people to take care of them if any issues come up. This further brings loyalty and brings repeat business.

  1. Tailor-made customer services

With prior permissions to read a customer’s actions on the application, a travel agency can learn about the patterns, needs, and behavior of their app-users. And with the help of that processed data, a travel agency can provide a tailor-made set of services and offerings anticipating the needs of the travelers, which will further help to exceed expectations, generate a sense of exclusive attention and create a “wow-effect” collectively.

  1. Reduction in Operating-costs

The company will not have to spend on operating multiple offices at prime locations of travel hubs.

Since the advertisements have proven to be more fruitful on digital platforms, the traditional way of paper-based promotions got suppressed by digitization. Also, since the data also flows digitally, lesser files are to be maintained. This saves a lot of human resource and stationery costs for the agency.

  1. Additional features

Travel agencies get to know if the customer is traveling, he/she would be needing other products and services in that particular area.


For instance, if a person has booked a flight ticket, he/she might require the following:

  • A cab service
  • A hotel to stay
  • Weather forecasting and real-time updates
  • Information about places to travel and things to do at that place
  • Travel insurance

To keep the customer tied with the application and provide with a one-stop-solution of everything, travel agencies provide everything right through their dedicated app.

  1. Allows to flow with the trend

It always a moment-of-truth for companies to flow with the latest trends, bring the latest updates and offer something unique to their customers at all points of times.

Not only millennials but the other generations are also very much engaged on their mobile phone and want everything right there. Even the top-notch travel agencies cannot afford to depart from this market need and work by other means; else it might result in losing a major chunk of business and business providers.

  1. An all-in-one solution

An all-in-one solution

Talking about the trend, it has also become a trend to find an all-in-one solution. It not only saves time but the additional toiling of research.

A customer gets to have direct access of all the related information, forecasts, itinerary planning, ticketing options, ticket availability, payment options, feedback portals, support team contacts, and many other features all-in-one place.

The travel agents in-turn gets the opportunity to stay connected with their clients at all point of times.


With everything streamlined, a travel app development allows the company to focus precisely on its services and complete customer satisfaction.


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