The Best Travel Insurance to Keep You Safe on Your Next Adventure

The Best Travel Insurance to Keep You Safe on Your Next Adventure

Travelling offers a good amount of excitement and adventure. But we frequently ignore terrible events like accidents, sudden illnesses, or medical emergencies. For hassle-free travel insurance, see our guide to travel insurance in India. We will give you full details on insurance eligibility requirements, coverage details, and the claims procedure.

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance coverage is a financial safety net that guards the policyholder against unforeseen travel problems from the outset of the journey to its conclusion. Depending on your needs, insurance can also cover accidental death, emergency medical help, baggage theft or loss, and protection from unforeseen disasters like storms and floods.

However, travel insurance does not typically provide financial protection for emergencies, pregnancy difficulties, suicide situations, adventure sports, or losses incurred when driving under the influence.

Types of travel insurance

  • There are travel insurance plans designed specifically for single trips. However, for frequent travellers who travel abroad on business, buying a multi-trip travel insurance package is an alternative. In addition, some insurance covers several visits to the exact location for a whole year. For businessmen and regular visitors to a specific location, choosing such plans is considerably more cost-effective. 
  • Group travel insurance coverage is another variety of travel insurance. Seven or more travellers are covered under group coverage. These are affordable and provide advantages compared to those single-trip travel insurance plans. Policies based on the travellers’ age are affordable.

Benefits of travel insurance

It pays for medical costs

Travel insurance is frequently chosen to cover potential accident or medical treatment costs incurred while travelling. The insurance provider will cover expenses up to the maximum amount indicated in the insurance policy in case of an accident, dental work, or medical care. Some insurance providers offer cashless medical care through a network of hospitals in various nations. One of the most significant advantages of travel insurance is this.

Protection against disasters while travelling

Loss of checked baggage, loss of a passport, and other losses are some of the catastrophes covered by travel insurance. Offering protection against these losses, it pays the traveller for any additional costs incurred due to these losses.

It guards against scheduling changes for the journey

The itinerary for the journey could alter at any time. It can be because of unforeseen circumstances, health problems, the cancellation of the hotel or airline by the person who sold you the reservation, or the bankruptcy of the travel company or cruise line that is delivering the trip. A travel insurance policy covers these potential losses that could happen before the start of a journey. Travel insurance also protects against the cancellation of a trip for any reason.

Choosing the best travel insurance

You must consider essential elements to select the best travel insurance plan in India. These considerations will assist you in determining the value of your travel insurance plan if you get unexpectedly stranded and whether your travel insurance provider has the resources necessary to rescue you or your loved ones from challenging travel-related situations.

Plane Changes

Your travel insurance coverage must cover changes to your trip itinerary, primarily if cancelled flights cause them. Some rules allow for flight rescheduling. However, some result from unforeseen circumstances and might be worth considering. Your travel insurance plan can cover the change costs to reissue your ticket if the airline modifies your itinerary or cancels your flight. Some insurance plans will even pay you back for any event or activity costs that you didn’t use because of the flight change.

Health Emergencies

In the event of an unplanned hospitalisation, the best travel insurance policy should be able to facilitate the most necessary medical treatment. If your coverage does not account for medical assistance, the costs associated with crises abroad can be more than anticipated.

Various emergencies

Natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, or volcanic eruptions are difficult to forecast, as an artificial emergency like robberies, wars, or curfews. However, you wouldn’t burn a hole in your wallet through no fault during a trip if your travel insurance policy allowed coverage for such eventualities.

Universal travel pass

Apart from finding the best travel insurance, due to Covid-19, travelling has become difficult due to restrictions imposed by several states. Therefore, the Maharashtra government introduced the universal travel pass, an electronic pass based on QR codes, to overcome this issue. It makes it simple for persons who have received all their vaccinations to use public transportation and enter venues open to the general public, such as offices, shopping centres, etc. This may also be referred to as a universal Covid pass, allowing immunised Indians to travel freely. The Maharashtra State Disaster Management Authority introduced this pass in collaboration with Indian Railways.


You can apply for a universal travel pass online on the government website. Due to the universal travel pass‘s requirement that travellers be immunised, travel will be safer. It aids in controlling the threat posed by fraudulent IDs for travel. A universal pass will help you prevent the risk of viruses being attracted by the recurrent COVID-19 test. Holders of universal passes will be able to travel to other states safely and find interstate travel simpler and less stressful. Physical verification will no longer be required thanks to the internet method. You can also look for the best travel insurance plans from Niva Bupa to cover your planned dream vacation and save yourself from any hassle during the vacation.


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