A majority of people love to travel across the globe. Seeing different lands, meeting new people, experiencing different cultures and exploring new palates is more fun than it sounds. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many country road lovers are forced to stay at home and live out their travel dreams by revisiting old travel diaries.

Australian tourism was massive before the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost 9.4 million visitors came to enjoy the Australian sands in 2019. Overseas travel is also restricted, meaning Aussies are bereft of travel just as much as the others. However, one can now enjoy their own country in heightened splendour through resorts and hotels like the Wanaka Accom! Nothing ever beats exploring the brilliant scenery of New Zealand to beat the heat, right?

As wild as it sounds, nobody would have explored their country entirely because it is their home ground. But Australia has so much more to offer other than beaches and steak outback houses! With state-of-the-art resorts and ski grounds, places like the Wanaka Accom offer truly impeccable experiences for your travel diaries!

About Wanaka

Wanaka is a trendy tourist spot in Australia. It is a resort town by itself, solely devoted to highlighting the beauty of the Australian waters. If anyone’s planning a New Zealand South Island trip, then Wanaka is top in that list! This place offers some of the best hikes, sceneries and affordable local food and bar hopping. With a populace of fewer than 10,000 people, Wanaka offers a beautiful gateway to the snow-capped Southern Alps and Treble Cone. These places are known for their dry powders and receive an annual snowfall of 5.5 – 6 metres!

From couple getaways, family holidays, team-building trips to outdoor adventures and weddings, Wanaka offers endless indulgence. The travel agents even tailor-make travel itineraries to suit client interests to the T.

Things to do

Resorts do not just mean a vacation to chill in your suite or villa! Although Wanaka is a small town, the things it offers are endless and exciting. Here’s a list of things one can do in Wanaka:

  • Cycling and Biking: Wanaka offers a great stretch of undulating trials that might be your best cycling experience. Mounting biking is the perfect way to behold the majestic Southern Alps with mountains and promptly placed rocks. Apart from this, MTB riding, heli biking and cycling are also available, meaning one can choose the ride they are comfortable with.
  • Hiking: Wanaka is a spot that provides opportunities for epic hiking adventures. If the holiday is for a family, then walking trails are the perfect way to gradually explore the beauty of this town. Wanaka offers guides for both hiking and walking adventures! This offers several trails based on fitness levels and ease of comfort, so one can remain assured and define their comfort zone.
  • Fishing: Even though Wanaka is a resort town, it’s still Aussie! No Australian vacation is complete with fishing in its waters. The glacial, freshwater rivers that flow through Wanaka are one of the best sources of trout in the entire country. Whether one wishes to fish on their own or need a guide to lure with bait, Wanaka does it all!
  • Scenic Flights: No holiday is complete without sightseeing. With glacial waters on one side, snowcaps in the distance and wonderful ambience commingling with it all, Wanaka offers fixed-wing and helicopter rides over its terrain. What’s more? They even provide guides who can teach you how to operate these helicopters!

For hardcore travel enthusiasts, Wanaka also offers training hikes, driving courses and heli-skiing experiences to get that adrenaline going!

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