How are Inverter Batteries the Heart of Power Backup Systems

How are Inverter Batteries the Heart of Power Backup Systems

Inverters have become an irreplaceable part of modern homes and offices. They provide power backups during outages and keep our lives smoothly running. Just like how a power backup system lies at the heart of our modern lives, there is one piece of equipment that lies at the heart of power backup systems: inverter batteries.

Any power backup system consists of multiple small and large parts. But inverter batteries are considered one of the most crucial parts as they are responsible for storing electrical energy which was used during power outages.

In this article, we are going to discuss what inverter batteries are, their importance, and some common types. By the end of the article, you will know why inverter batteries are given so much importance when people want to buy new power backup systems.

What is an Inverter Battery?

An inverter battery is part of the inverter power backup system that stores the electrical energy in the form of a Direct Current or DC. Be it a general-use home inverter or a UPS, every power backup system needs to have an inverter battery.

The other parts of the power backup systems are either responsible for consuming electric power from the main grid and storing it in the battery. Or converting the DC electricity from the battery to AC electricity for home appliances. This way, inverter batteries lie at the centre of every power backup system.

Types of Inverter Batteries

Inverter batteries are divided into many types depending on the material used to store electrical energy. Here are some examples of inverter batteries that you can commonly find in the market:

  1. GEL Battery

If you are looking for inverter batteries that demand the least maintenance, GEL batteries are the right match for you. They work quite similarly to lead-acid batteries, but they also have silica added inside that makes them even safer and easy to use.

The built of GEL inverter batteries is quite sturdy – which makes them an ideal choice for people who want to install power backup systems but do not want to invest much time and effort in regular maintenance.

  1. Lithium Ion Battery

Lithium-ion batteries have become a popular choice for inverters in homes and businesses. This is because they provide an efficient source of power backup during outages. These batteries are known to have longer lifespans as compared to other traditional batteries. They are smaller and lighter, which makes them a space-saving option for power backup systems.

  1. Tubular Plate Inverter Battery

Some people need more power for longer periods of time as they live in areas that experience frequent power cuts. Tubular plate inverter batteries are the right option for such needs as they are capable of holding a high amount of electrical energy.

The structures of two plates in a typical tubular plate battery are different. While the positive plates are of the tubular structure, the negative plates are found to be flat. Generally, the life of these batteries is quite long.

Summing It Up

A power backup system becomes incapable of doing its core job without the right inverter battery in place. Hence, an inverter battery is considered one of the most crucial parts of any power backup system. Inverter batteries come in various shapes, sizes, and types. You can choose the right battery according to your energy needs and budget.

Since the importance of inverter batteries is so high, you must get a high-quality battery when installing a new power backup system in your home. Luminous is a trusted name when it comes to inverter batteries and other similar power solutions. Check their official website if you are planning to get a new inverter battery or even the whole power backup system.


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