How are scriptless testing tools better than manual testing tools?

How are scriptless testing tools better than manual testing tools?

What are scriptless testing tools?

Test scripts can be hard to accomplish, especially for a newly established organization. This is where scriptless or codeless testing comes in. Scriptless testing is a method that automates various tests using tools instead of manually written scripts.

The hours spent manually typing out a test script are saved with the help of scriptless testing tools as they generate the same results just by recording a few actions for its automation syntax. Scriptless testing tools also offer flexibility in which the user can decide to what extent they want their tests to be scriptless.

Applications of scriptless testing tools

These tools boast a vast array of practical applications, making them a force that is extremely valuable in today’s era of digitalization.

  • End-to-end IOS and Android Security Testing
  • Conducting performance-testing for web optimization
  • Troubleshooting
  • Monitoring performance levels
  • Compatibility Testing for websites and applications

Comparison between scriptless testing tools and manual testing tools


Basis Manual Testing Tools Scriptless Testing Tools
Meaning Manual Testing is done by manual analysts who are well-versed in scripting languages. Scriptless Testing is a mix of automation and only basic application and business Knowledge.
Test Cases Test Cases are not easily reused. Test Cases have the flexibility and offer versatility,
Efficiency time-consuming, are prone to human errors, are extremely swift, and due to automation, don’t have human errors.

It is clear from the differences that opting for a scriptless testing tool is much more beneficial for any web developer. Not only does it save time and valuable resources- resources that can be employed elsewhere, in more productive areas, it is a more practical option due to its wide range of possibilities.

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Top 3 scriptless testing tools

#1 TestGrid


TestGrid is a scriptless testing tool that allows users to test their websites on real devices in the cloud and on personal premises. That is what makes TestGrid the top scriptless testing tool. It will enable team leaders and employees to engage their teams in executing test cases that don’t require prior programs or programming knowledge. This attracts a user-friendly base, instantly building loyalty among the market.

Not only this, but TestGrid also conducts performance testing. This has multiple benefits, making it invaluable –

  • Website optimization
  • Troubleshooting
  • Bug Fixation
  • Instant Resolving Capability.

TestGrid lets users initiate a scriptless automated test, ensuring reliability, security, and scalability, the three things needed in a testing tool, making it almost foolproof.

#2 Katalon

Katalon is an automation tool that has a Selenium-based engine. The platform is suitable for running automated tests for  Windows desktops, APIs, web interfaces, and both iOS and Android mobile apps. The tool enables you to record tests and create analysis reports.

Katalon was mainly developed to develop and reuse automated UI scripts without coding. It supports multiple browsers like Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Safari. One main benefit of Katalon is that it is easy to deploy and has dual scripting interfaces for users who have different programming skills.

#3 Leapwork

Leapwork  is a popular automation platform that lets you design and run automated test cases as visual flowcharts. It allows robust and efficient testing due to native support of desktop technologies along with Selenium-based web automation.

Leapwork lets you automate tests of desktop applications of all the widely-used platforms and frameworks. It comes with BrowserStack integrations and built-in Sauce labs. The platform allows you to run cases with automated input from databases, spreadsheets, and more. Moreover, with Leapwork, you can schedule automated cases as often as needed and whenever you require.

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End Note:

Scriptless testing tools are a turning point for the website industry, making it another check for the automation force that is taking over the world. It is another adage to the hundreds of development tools now essential in IT lives. Developers and testers are constantly looking for ways to improve the optimization and testing departments, and scriptless tools are a push in their direction.

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