Popular rugby betting strategies

Popular rugby betting strategies

For rugby, all betting strategies used in other team sports are applicable.

  • For beginners, the optimal strategy is fixed rates of a certain small size. Moreover, it is not changed either in the event of a win or after the loss of the previous bet.
  • Also a reliable option is bets as a percentage of the available bankroll. For example, having on the account 10,000 rubles, a bet is made for 500 rubles. If there are 9,000 rubles on the account, the bet is placed on 450 rubles. That is 5% of the bank.
  • A more aggressive strategy is “catch-up” bets, for which odds of about 2. are chosen. This tactic involves increasing the size of the bet so that the losses on all previous losses are compensated. To implement such a strategy, a large pot is required and the betting limits of Mostbet uz skachat should be as high as possible.

Choosing a strategy

Choose a strategy based on your rugby knowledge and betting experience.

If you are a beginner and are just getting started with this sport, stick to the most careful tactics with fixed small bets.

With more experience, you can vary your betting approach to come up with your own winning strategy.

What can you lose

  • If you don’t fully understand the rules of rugby, it can lead to losing, especially in live betting, when you need to make quick decisions.
  • It is also important to carefully read the rules for accepting rugby bets at the bookmakers. For example, whether extra time is taken into account when calculating the rate. Otherwise, you can lose, because you were betting on the match based on the wrong expectations.
  • Rugby betting limits are rarely high, so it is possible to lose out on a catch-up strategy bet.
  • Sometimes Mostbet uz does not indicate in the line on what kind of rugby the match will be played. At the same time, the results in different types of rugby differ significantly. Always clarify what kind of this discipline we are talking about in order to minimize your losses in the bet.
  • Better to bet on a rugby match shortly before it starts to take into account the weather factor. Indeed, in the event of rain, the performance of matches is noticeably reduced, and the difference in class between the teams is largely leveled.

How to analyze the game. Expert advice

  • First of all, analyze the statistics and the presence of injuries of the attacking players, as they earn points for the team. It is much easier for defenders to play and their current form has less influence on the outcome of the meeting.
  • If a team has a long bench, they will have an advantage in the game. The result depends strongly on the physical condition of the athletes and the presence of a large number of fresh players at the endings of the halves often determines the final result.
  • At the Rugby-7 World Championship, as well as at the Olympic Games, it is not uncommon for a team to play 2-3 matches per day. In the last meeting within the game day, the performance is almost always lower, as the athletes get very tired.


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