What Makes Custom eCommerce Development a Necessity in 2022?

There is nothing more promising than setting up an eCommerce business in 2022. The recent pandemic has already shown the potential of the eCommerce industry for mankind. Your decision to set up an online store using custom eCommerce development services can bring fortune for you.

There are millions of eCommerce websites and you can find hundreds of attractive products that your store can promote. An eCommerce website development company helps you run an online store without even owning an inventory for it.

Today, we will discuss the benefits of using custom eCommerce development services for setting up an eCommerce store. Before we jump into that we think that it will be good to have a look at some bright facts about the eCommerce industry.

Interesting facts to know about the eCommerce industry

  • There are around 25 million eCommerce websites serving humanity at the moment.
  • More than 90% of people who use the internet have made online purchases.
  • People spent more than 20 billion hours on eCommerce stores in 2021.
  • Recent studies show that by 2050 more than 95% of the total retail sales will be made online.
  • In 2021 the total revenue generated by the eCommerce sector was around 80 billion USD.
  • More than 70% of total eCommerce stores fail to achieve substantial growth due to cut-throat competition.
  • B2B eCommerce is growing at a significant pace. It is expected to generate about 60% of the total revenues of the industry.

How does custom eCommerce development benefit your business?

While initiating your efforts to set up an eCommerce business you will conduct market research. If it was not on your list, you better add it as it is crucial to choose the right products and strategies. 

You are going to find a lot of things with this research and need to improvise on them. Your store will require a custom eCommerce development company to add the features, functionalities you feel are beneficial for your store.

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Below are some of the major areas where your eCommerce platform can suffer in the absence of custom eCommerce development:-

  • Tweaking the design and layout

The uniqueness of your store plays a vital role in its success. If you are using the premade themes, you need to make changes to match your brand values. If you start using those themes as it is, you will overlook the key to the success of your venture.

A custom eCommerce development agency can help you make desired changes while maintaining the integrity and quality of the code. They can also make edits in layouts to fit your requirements.

  • Customizing or developing extensions

To get the desired functionalities in your store, you need to integrate many extensions or apps. Though integrating those apps or extensions is not a challenge, the problem is to match your brand guidelines.

A custom eCommerce development company can help you change the look and feel of those extensions. It will help you match those extensions with the look and feel of your online store. They will also help you develop or modify APIs to get unique functionalities for users.

  • Applying Appropriate Security Measures

Your eCommerce store will be prone to several cyber threats while operating in the real world. Only an experienced and seasoned company knows the ways to encounter it.

They can help you to apply appropriate security measures so that hackers and malware can never get a chance to penetrate your stores. Ignoring it can cause downtimes that can prove fatal for your business.

  • Making your store SEO friendly

If you need to get success with your eCommerce ventures, you need to make your store SEO friendly. Your inability to make your store search engine friendly can prove to be a disaster for your business.

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By making your online store search-friendly, a custom eCommerce development company can help you get organic traffic. You can’t afford to miss such traffic as it is going to be a crucial element of your success.

  • Simplifying the User Experience

The user experience in your store is a significant factor in deciding the fate of your eCommerce business. If you fail to deliver good experiences, your users may resist shopping on your website.

An experienced eCommerce website development company knows all ins and outs of the user experience. They can help you add features, functionalities, and interfaces that have an appealing impact on your users.

  • Making your store responsive and mobile-friendly

The era of desktops is diminishing at a rapid pace. The businesses dealing with digital products have to consider other devices too. Your online store should be capable of delivering a good user experience on screens of any size.

A custom eCommerce website development company can help you get a responsive store design. It will allow your business to cater its services on multiple devices efficiently.


So these were a few advantages that you get by using the services of an eCommerce website development company. Make sure to choose the companies for custom eCommerce development needs wisely. A wrong choice can make you go through a bad experience or even the failure of your venture.

Author Bio: Hitesh Chauhan is a compelling content author who works with the prominent eCommerce Development company, The Brihaspati Infotech. He has an attentive mindset and definite interests in advanced technologies and marketing tactics that encourage him in writing content that readers greet. His eagerness towards multiple heads makes his pieces more audible and engaging.

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