Data is a vital factor in the achievement of any organization. There is no doubt that organizations play a big role in big data. Large amounts of data is generated and collected on a daily basis, successful business opportunities outweigh influential prospects. With the development of modern technology, the scope of digital transformation in institutions has accelerated.

But to be a digital institution, agencies need to implement useful data in the right way. In this article, we review the amount of data allowed by digital transformation.

Artificial Intelligence Technology and Big data

There is no denying that artificial intelligence will be a goal in the next decade. Due to increased customer demand and the need to increase operations, many organizations are already implementing artificial intelligence in their systems. In addition, since many devices are interconnected, large amounts of data are generated.

For example, a subsidiary connects artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, various devices and is controlled by a huge amount of data. Machine learning models and advanced learning models also work to create a dataset with a lot of data and thus encourage digital transformation.

Applying artificial intelligence to data analysis helps with intelligent knowledge of digital transformation. Many IT companies use big data to gain insight to improve their operations. In addition, customer needs and preferences can be analyzed based on available data.

Digital Marketing with Big Data

Digital commerce is one area of digital transformation that depends on business. Unlike traditional commerce, digital commerce helps organizations analyze customer behavior and preferences, market products based on existing large data, and guarantee maximum customer engagement. The audience is targeted based on product-specific sales data and profits. The integration of big data and digital commerce provides better organizational performance across different areas of the industry.

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Big Data and 5G

Establishing a communication network is crucial to the success of digital innovation. Big data is a factor in the success of the 5G network, which speeds up the process of digital innovation.

How big data reveals digital transformation opportunities

Best of all, big data can light up the dark side of the industry. “Bulk data provides a better insight into the performance of companies, customers and markets embedded in analytics or information systems,” said SAS Wright. “Most importantly, we need as much information as possible to succeed in digital transformation and to gain the best possible understanding of how to achieve business goals.”

Big data in itself is useless without unnecessary ideas and programs. “Digital transformation gives this concept to the program,” said SAS Wright. “The more information we need for digital transformation, the more information we need to rethink the digital transformation process and deliver better results.”

If the two converge, a real change is possible. As the number of IoT devices, laptops, smartphones, and other machine sensors increases, the amount of data generated increases exponentially. “This combination of Internet data, comprehensive analytics and digital transformation capabilities enables businesses to not only adapt to customer needs in real time, but also to predict future consumer behavior, said Singh de Pace. Harmony.

According to Ronak Doshi, President of Everest’s Management and Research team, the growth of Internet-related tools, simple digital marketing systems and documents, as well as business and global connections, should encourage companies to create multiple digital systems.

“The value a company can make by investing in an electronic environment (or the return on investment) depends on its ability to use these standards,” Doshi said. “For large corporations, this amount of information is very large and does not apply to business information and traditional storage technologies.”

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Aim for integration, not isolation

Digital technology, which aims to optimize big data, allows IT leaders to build data centers to collect and set up data from different sources. Many large data providers offer advanced machine learning algorithms and algorithms that can be used by IT leaders.

However, it is important for a particular organization and industry to first clearly define big data and associated digital conversion efforts. For example, a manufacturing company that has worked with Kelker should set a goal to increase revenue from related products or reduce costs through an optimistic and connected business environment. Only IT leaders can determine the best big data, IoT and cloud strategy to achieve these goals.

Big Data and DT also help companies better understand customer preferences and behaviors to create a more personal and relevant experience. In addition to generating net revenue through intuitive products and services, companies are also integrating big data and DT technologies to create new products and services that improve sales.


Although digital transformation is based on big data, it can be detrimental to an organization’s infrastructure. If the data is corrupted, operations can be interrupted. For this reason, organizations need to be very careful when using accurate data for digital conversion.

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