How Burnout Impedes Performance of a Social Media Marketer

How Burnout Impedes Performance of a Social Media Marketer

Anyone can be susceptible to burnout no matter what industry they belong to. But those who work or use social media are more prone to this mental condition and should get it examined before the condition gets worse.  For most the physician, burnout is kind of online fatigue that is caused by excessive usage of social media. The article explains how burnout differs from stress and how does it affect your performance and mental health.

What is burnout?

Burnout is more than just being tired or running down, it is more severe and can affect anyone. Social media marketers are highly likely to be the victim of it as there is a sudden rise in video calling, social media scrolling and they need to be creative and attentive to cope up with the increased demand for quality content that can resonate with their respective audience. Studies after studies demonstrate it is more severe than the ordinary work stress as social media marketer may have to perform so much to create content and engage with the audience, however, some are more inclined to Buy Instagram followers UK but most of the time social media agencies and marketers opt for the organic methods to reach more audience.

Put simply burnout is a state of mental and physical exhaustion caused by prolonged stress. WHO recognized the condition in 2019 and showed it is different from the anxiety and stress and physiological burnout can be more alarming.

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“Burnout is an actual psychological condition that affects one’s outlook on life and work,” Dr. Michaela explains. “If left unaddressed, this cycle can make your day-to-day responsibilities feel devastating, making it difficult to function in every aspect”

Stress vs. burnout

Both the terminologies have some common side effects, lack of motivation, state of unhappiness, low energy level, and a tight knot in the stomach or lying awake at night stressing about work and the future.

Burnout on the other hand is more serious as it is brought by prolonged and repeated stress where a person feels mentally disturbed, drained, and totally uninterested in things that he loved. And can have long-term consequences on mental and physical health.

Signs of burnout

It is common to feel tired amid tight deadlines, long to-do lists but how would you discover whether you are suffering from burnout or not? According to Dr. Michaela, some signs emphasize the person is suffering from burnout.

  • Lack of quality sleep, waking up tired
  • Feeling pessimistic and drained than usual
  • Feeling irritated and overwhelmed with different emotions
  • Trouble concentrating and lack of motivation for the task
  • Headache, stomach aches, and poor immune system

How to deal with burnouts

Every person can experience burnout differently but the techniques to combat it are the same for all.


Taking a break from the screen is important, whether it is a 10-minute break, a day off or a small trip with the spouse bi-monthly or monthly is essential. It prevents burnout and you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Engage yourself with extracurricular activity

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Finding a hobby or activity that refreshes your mind and give you a great vibe is also an excellent way to prevent burnout and combat it if you are suffering. Cultivating a rich non-work life like eating nourishing food, staying active, meditation, exercise or yoga can be extremely beneficial.

Connect and seek support

More than 70% of people in the workplace experience burnout. Telling your loved one about your condition and getting support can be beneficial, however, if you feel your condition getting severe, seek professional help.

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