How do you turn a camera into a night vision camera?

How do you turn a camera into a night vision camera?

Who does not know what a night vision is? You guys might have seen this in countless movies and games. But having a night vision camera is not that common or cheap. There are plenty of latest 5g Android phones in the market, which can give you a slight taste of night vision through the night modes in their cameras. A best low light camera phone is the great example of it. But if you don’t have a night vision camera then what to do? Well, if you want to experience the night vision camera but your phone does not support it, then you can convert it to a night vision camera yourself. We are going to let you know how you can convert your phone’s camera into a night vision camera. So, stick around.

Well get your phones and your power tools ready for the transformation process. But keep one thing in mind that this is irreversible process. So, if you want to use that phone in future then don’t go for it.

Step 1

Get the mobile phone and open the back with screw drivers to find the camera. But be careful and don’t damage the main board or the connector cables. If you get the connector cables or the main board damaged, then it would be more difficult to fix the phone and you would need a new replacement connector cable, or the whole board.

Step 2

The camera would have an unscrew-able lid on it. Very carefully unscrew it and remove the plastic, which was covering up the camera. Don’t let the dust or any kind of moisture fall on the lens as it would completely destroy it.

Step 3

Once you remove the camera you will find a transparent plastic disc, which would be stuck near the camera. This is the infra-red filter of your phone’s camera. This filter is placed with glue and not with the screws. Very carefully apply pressure on the side of the disk, which would loosen it up and the glue will come off. Once you have removed the infra-red filter, place the camera back in position and close the back of the phone.

Step 4

This next step involves an IR LEDs. You can buy them from any good hardware or electronics store. If you cannot find it anywhere then just pull one out of a TV remote. Once you get the IR LED bulb connect it with a 3 to 5 volts battery. If you want better results, then connect more than one battery. Stick the IR LED to the back of your phone with the help of a holder or a tape. Turn on the LED and turn off the lights, there you have it, your own night vision camera.

Night vision Apps for Android

There are plenty of night vision apps for Android phones in the market, which can give you the feel of looking through a proper night vision goggles, like the one you see in the Splinter Cell games. Let us take a look at some of these cool apps, which can help you get the most out of your camera even in the darkness of the night.

Night Vision Flashlight Thermo

This is a great free app for your 5G Android phones. It is pretty simple to install and even easier to use. You will see an icon of night vision goggles on the upper side of your screen. When you touch that icon, you will need to turn the flashlight on as well. This will let you see the objects pretty clearly even in low light setting.

Night Vision Cam

Next app is Night Vision Cam. It is a great app, which can give you the proper results of an expensive night vision device. The result is much clearer than other night vision apps you see in the market. It gives you four colour modes, which include green, red, blue, and full colour.

Night Vision Video Recorder

Night vision video recorder is a professional level recording app, which gives you great features to get the most out of your phone’s camera and take clear pictures. It works in both front and back cameras, while giving you great camera zoom and flash capabilities. It adjusts the sensitivity in low light or very dark conditions.


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