How To Connect Smartwatch From Phone: Easy Steps

How To Connect Smartwatch From Phone: Easy Steps

You got yourself a smartwatch but struggling to connect with your phone? 

There could be many functions of your smart watch. Depending on its model, the service it provides will vary.Hence, it doesn’t matter which model you are using. The setup of a smartwatch to your device is pretty easy. 

Today, I will give you a simple and effective guideline to help you set up your smartwatch. Get ready to access the convenience of this amazing duo!

Step By Step Procedure To Connect Smartwatch From Phone

Before I begin with the process, make sure both your smartwatch and smartphone are charged up. 

Also, if you are an android user, visit google app store and install WearOS app on your phone or search for the app corresponding to your smart watch model. 

Once that’s done, follow the next steps:

Check Compatibility 

Check for the compatibility between your phone and your smart watch. Ensure your smart phone’s bluetooth system is compatible with your smart watch.

Turn On Your Bluetooth 

Turn on both of your devices. Now tap settings and navigate through it until you find bluetooth. Tap on the bluetooth to turn it on. Now it is turned on, options like Scan Devices or Search for Devices will appear on your phone screen.

Pair Up The Devices

Among the list of devices, find your Smartwatch. A new screen will then appear with a code on it. Make sure the code on your smartwatch and phone are identical. On your phone, select Pair to link the two gadgets.

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Okay, that’s it! Now your  smartwatch and smartphone are connected and ready to use!

Major Smartwatch Features You Will Love

Recently, I have noticed the increasing demand for the incredibly designed wonderful smartwatches. With its extraordinary functionality and features, the smartwatch has been trying to meet our needs at its best.

Aside from telling the time and helping you remind the date, there are a few common, yet overwhelming features you can find in a smartwatch. 

  1. Notifications

From the most important selection of features, the pop up notification and alert system are the most common ones. 

Connect your smartwatch with your phone, and it will help to notify you with the important text messages or social media notifications.  

The notifications also could be from your applications from your linked device, or it could carry text alerts for business related messages.

  1. Health and Fitness Features 

Fitness is another set of popular features in smartwatches. You can use it as your daily fitness guide.

The health care option also provides some helpful easy accessible functions. 

Such as:

  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Physical Activity Tracking etc. 

These features are added to give the users daily reminders of their fitness goal. All available, in one comfortable smartwatch. 

  1. Calling/Messaging

Today’s smartwatches offer two ways to make calls: call directly from the smartwatch if it has cellular capabilities, or use the smartwatch as a bridge to answer calls and talk on your smartphone

Suppose you are on the road driving and your cell phone is buzzing. If you are wearing a smartwatch that allows you to receive phone calls, then it will be just a matter of tapping the watch and picking up the call. 


If you come to meet any sort of issues while pairing up your devices, read the model manual or visit the manufacturer support website. 

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It’s not unusual to face problems like bluetooth connectivity failure or some app related errors. 

Find professionals. They know the details and solve your smartwatch related problems way easier than you can.

When pairing up the devices, always make sure to keep them in the nearest proximity to get the best result. 

The problem could be in your smartwatch or smartphone too. It may occur due to any technical reasons for the devices. 


What is a smartwatch?

A smartwatch is a wearable computer device that resembles a wrist watch. However, what makes it special is the extraordinary features it provides. 

How popular is it among today’s generation?

Especially amidst the younger generation and the businessmans, smartwatches have gained a noticeable level of popularity. Others with limited knowledge of this device also seem interested in the idea of how it works. 

What are the most popular smartwatch brands?

These are the top smartwatch brands to look for in 2023:

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch S6
  • Garmin Vivo 
  • Google Pixel Watch
  • Apple Watch Ultra
  • Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5

How do you connect a smartwatch?

Simplest method of connecting your smartwatch with your phone is to pair them up through bluetooth. 

What are the special features of a smart watch?

 Among many amazing features some top features are:

  • Calling/Texting
  • Fitness Measurement
  • Receiving Notification
  • Alert System

Do all the Smartwatches carry the same features?

Not really. The feature and the quality of it often depends on the brand you are using. Some smartwatches are used only as a fitness guide, while others offer features like receiving phone calls or text messages. 


Enjoy the abundance of convenience through your small, wearable computing device. In other name: A Smartwatch. To connect it with your smartphone is really an easy peasy lemon queasy thing! 

Smartwatches are typically connected through bluetooth. Moreover, Smartwatch connecting apps like wearOS, Wear Casts, Google Fit and Bring are always available on the app store. 

With a functioning smartphone with bluetooth feature it will easily be able to connect to your smartwatch. Then, you can control your smartwatch using your phone. Even help it set up. 

There are smartwatches ranging from different budgets in the market. Purchase according to your need and become the smartest version of yourself today!

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