How to Choose an ID Card Printer

How to Choose an ID Card Printer

Why is buying an ID card printer that big of a deal? Because there are too many features, factors and requirements to take care of. If you invest in one that doesn’t meet your requirements, you will be left with a printer that gathers dust and space in your office and nothing else.

Here are the factors you must consider when buying an ID card printer. These factors will help you get the best ID card printer for your business.

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How Many Cards Does Your Business Require

First things first, your business requirements top all. How many cards would you need annually? What kind of cards will you be printing? And what will the frequency of printing be? These are the questions you need to ask your business. Apart from that, you also need to factor in event cards, temporary gift cards, and other cards.

1. Budget Is The Next Step

There are many types of ID card printers with high-tech features available in the market. But the one you buy depends more on your budget than anything else. So, along with your requirements, you also need to factor in the budget. Moreover, the budget of your printer also includes material for the cards and other supplies, as well as software and support to run your ID card printer to its full potential.

2. Printing Method

There are two primary methods of printing cards,

  1. Direct-to-Card
  2. Retransfer


It is the fastest, most reliable printing method out there. Yes, the cards don’t come out as good as HD printers, but Direct-to-Card printers are perfect for budget buys. The printer uses the printing ribbons to apply the design directly to the face of the card. However, apart from a bit of low quality, the printer also leaves a white line at the edges. Here are the many benefits DTC can fetch your business.

  • It’s the most affordable printer out there
  • The quality is manageable
  • It has the fastest printing speed
  • Easy to use and maintain


Compared to DTC, transfer is slower because it prints in two steps. First, the design is printed on the thin film and later, with the help of heat, pressed onto the face of the card. This technology ensures that the card is high-quality and has a longer shelf life than the DTC ID cards. Such printers are great for high-end security cards, access control cards, loyalty cards, and gift cards that are printed to impress investors and clients. Here are the benefits of getting a retransfer printer,

  • It offers higher-quality printed cards
  • Over-the-edge printing means there are no unsightly white borders.
  • Provides durable and long-lasting cards

3. Security Features

ID card printers print more than just ID cards. You can also print smart cards with the help of these printers. Such cards improve your business’s security operations. Having an on-site printer also means you don’t need to send your data to a third-party printer, which keeps your data safe.

ID card printers come in many forms. However, the best one is the one that fulfils all your requirements and fits your budget.


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