How Does Tinder Make Money (Business and Revenue Model)

How Does Tinder Make Money (Business and Revenue Model)

There was an age when dating someone was a tough task for everyone, considering the era’s society with less technology. With the development of technology, the difficulties of the youth towards dating someone became easier. Now anyone can get a date with the apps like Tinder. You have to open the app, swipe right if you like, and if the same comes from the other side, then boom, it’s a match! You can enjoy and carry forward with your date.

But one thing that comes to everyone’s mind is I am getting the match and the same from the other side. But what is the benefit of the app owner? How is that person making money by just providing a dating platform? Here is the technique by which Tinder makes money from its users. Before that, let’s understand what Tinder is and how it works.

What Is Tinder?

Tinder works as a location-based dating mobile app. The moment a user registers themselves with either an email id or social media platform, the location on the app gets updated. It starts showing the person as per your preference. InterActive Corp(IAC) is the parent company with a dating app idea.

Let’s take up the view of how Tinder gained its popularity in a decade. In 2012 Tinder came into the market and won TechCrunch’s Crunchie Award for the Best New Startup of 2013.

How Demand Increased(Economically & User)

If we look at the number of users, the stats will leave us in shock at how Tinder is growing economically and user-wise. By the end of December 2020, there were around 6.6 million paid users on the app, and in total, about 75 million users. With such huge market demand, Tinder clone apps are also increasing and receiving a great response. There are also several similar dating and friendship apps in the market like Happn, Truly Madly, Bumble, Hinge Down but still, there is much scope to grow in the market with a clone app like Tinder.

By the end of the 3rd quarter of 2021, the stats show that Tinder is currently making more than $450 billion. The number can show how much scope is available to generate better revenue from dating apps like Tinder.

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How Tinder Works

User’s Profile

The user can create a profile by logging directly from the most popular social media platform Facebook or logging in from the other details. After the login process, the app asks for the user’s name, profession, college, age, pictures, and other details to build the user’s profile. The user’s profile plays an important role as everything depends upon the user’s profile.

Location Of The User

Tinder is a social search application that is locally based, and suggestion comes as per the user’s location. With the assistance of artificial intelligence(AI) and GPS, the app suggests the users with the other app user nearby to the same location & interest. With the assistance of the app, the user can add their hobbies and interest, through which the admin panel shows the options to swipe right or left.

The Swipe Feature

The swipe feature plays a major role; with the help of the feature, the user can like or dislike the options by swiping right or by swiping left. The list of options pops up as per the user’s geographical location, interests, or mutual interests. The feature of swiping right or left makes the app user-friendly.


If the user from both ends swipes right, that makes a match. After the match, both the users can chat through the in-app chat option and take things forward.

Superlike Feature

The option of superlike came in 2015, by which someone can give a hint to the person that instead of swiping right randomly, the person is interested. Back in the year, Tinder provided 3 superlikes free of cost, but now for getting access to superlike, you have to pay an amount to the company.

Well, till now, you must have known the structure of Tinder; now, let’s see how Tinder makes money from the dating app.

Business & Revenue Module Of Tinder

Tinder Commerce Demonstrate features a special offering recommendation of interfacing clients with strangers they wouldn’t have ordinarily met, instead of interfacing with individuals a user as of now known.

Tinder Premium

One can get access to the Tinder premium by paying a specific amount with the plan of 1,3 & 6 months. Tinder generates revenue from their users by providing special features which are better accessible and contain better options like

  • The unlimited swipe of options.
  • The option to search users at any location.
  • Superlike feature.
  • The rewind feature to undo the action.
  • A boost every month.
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Tinder Gold

Tinder gold also gives a positive amount of revenue to the company; the company provides facilities in exchange for the monthly subscription.

  • Option to see who likes you.
  • Unlimited likes
  • One free Boost every month.
  • Can control the profile.
  • The option to choose who sees you
  • Option to get a profile around the world
  • 5 free superlikes every week
  • Unlimited options of rewind
  • Access to turn off the ads

Tinder provides the facility to access the app by paying an amount specific amount either monthly, for 3 months, or with the option of 6 months.

Sponsored Ads

For generating a good amount of revenue, Tinder welcomes the products to promote on their platform. The companies join the platform and pay Tinder for advertisement. With the help of a clone app like Tinder, even you can have opportunities to generate revenue through advertisements.


A later expansion to the paid highlights, Boost makes the user’s profile the beat profile within the range for 30 minutes; this increments the chances for a coordinate for up to 10x more profile sees and 3x more matches whereas boosting. Furthermore, this could be a standalone highlight that one can buy at a cost run of $1.99 to $3.99 per Boost.

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Tinder Age Stats

S. No. Age


Percentage of users


1 18-24    35
2 25-34     25
3 35-44  20
4 45-54       8
5 55+  10


Online dating designs are changing & the number of Tinder clients is rising. Energetic people are cheery to pay for online dating apps & we all know love comes in all sizes and shapes; fair got to discover that culminate coordinate for yourself. Tinder is breaking all the boundaries of finding a perfect match by including more niche-specific dating apps out within the market.

By the end of 2021, Tinder gained 9.6 million users and the gaining revenue of $1.4 billion.

Wrapping Up

Tinder is the most demanding dating app amongst all the apps available in the market. The stats and the numbers are clear proof that having an app like Tinder can help make someone a billionaire. For the last two years, the demand for Tinder clone apps has been increasing and receiving a better response in the market. Getting an app like Tinder can be a win-win option for you.

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