How Fintech Has Redeemed Financial Sectors From A Great Loss?

How Fintech Has Redeemed Financial Sectors From A Great Loss?

What do you assume by the term Fintech? Somehow you can capture the meaning of Fintech by observing this word right? Let’s think about those times when we weren’t supposed to be socially engaged. Definitely, I am talking about the pandemic Covid-19. People used to follow all those traditional approaches that take a lot of labor and time. As technology evolves, it would solve many dilemmas and situations regarding financial services. Fintech adoption is now the need of the hour because of this prolonged social distancing as well as the lockdowns. Nearly all kinds of businesses, entrepreneurs, industries, and even consumers are now migrating their finances towards this evolving technology.

 Fintech Boosted KYC Automated Solutions Fortuitously

Companies were really afraid of this pandemic in terms of security issues. But eventually, data scientists revealed smart innovations using Artificial Intelligence. We surely know that Artificial Intelligence is striking a tremendous role while discovering innovations. KYC – Know Your Customer is the solution that each company should include to be safe from criminals and fraudsters. Because criminals are always hunting for loopholes in the compliances of organizations. Whenever there is a rise in innovation, on the other hand, it generates a way of a threat to enterprises.

Banks and other finance sectors are continuously conducting KYC practice to verify their real customers so that they would be able to secure their data from violations.

World Bank Global Director of Finance Caroline Freund says:

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Fintech has resolved the rifts to fulfill the financial assistance in the firms for developing economies and emerging markets

 Corporations Are Striving To Combat Anti-Money Laundering 

Billions of transactions have been implemented each day. It was a big obstacle for businesses to monitor each transaction to prevent financial fraud. Especially for financial organizations, it was mandatory to indulge in the AML system. Technology has made their lives much easier than before but entrepreneurs need to be aware of fraudsters’ techniques they are discovering against this. A company develops a system according to its compliances. When anything happens against compliance, it automatically generates an alarm through which a criminal can be detected.

Though every system does not work accurately sometimes, so it might be possible for a culprit to perform illegal access. Sanction scanner which is AML software compliance assisting finance departments to decrease the number of threats. Knowing your consumer can eliminate the risk of Anti-Money Laundering. The Transaction Monitoring system identifies a legal identity as well as abolishing financial penalties. Thus this AML screening process is a necessity in an organization to protect themselves from data breaches.

Software for AML & KYC Solutions

A number of software/tools have been generated that are used by financial departments to monitor any suspicious activity. It identifies customer data and detects if anything goes against the rules. There are basically 4 types of software used to monitor money laundering:

  • Compliance Management Systems
  • Currency Transaction Reporting
  • Transaction Monitoring Software
  • Customer Identity Verification System

Businesses are employing such software to get rid of fraudsters. Side to side it can be utilized to monitor an individual as well as businesses. The best tools provide the results within seconds. It is essential for a firm to understand how KYC and AML can be integrated and how they are different from each other. Sometimes KYC and AML  are considered to be the same, but in terms of the regulatory context, they are different in their meaning. This is necessary for governments and financial institutions in order to combat these freaking financial crimes, terrorist financing, and money laundering.

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Final Opinion

Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) are often considered the same. In order to clear this concept, I would describe AML as an umbrella, possessing all regulatory processes the business needs to implement. Whereas KYC is an ingredient of the AML system used to identify real customers. KYC is the initial step to AML, which means the company first identifies a customer and then digs down deep into its financial records to implement AML. After this pandemic, or in the future, KYC and AML automated software would be subjected as a crucial constituent in the economic organizations to be free from any kind of spam.

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