How Gaming Technology Can Benefit your Work

How Gaming Technology Can Benefit your Work

Gaming and working are probably the two most common uses for computers around the world. These days it is almost impossible to perform an office-based job without easy access to a computer (and that’s at the very least); and of course, computers are considered the ideal platform for many videogames. With this link in mind, how can the high-performance technology used for gaming be employed for better performance at work? We spoke with TechQuarters, an IT support company UK businesses outsource their IT needs to see what they had to say about it.

They discussed how the quality that goes into building equipment fit for gaming can provide better performance at work. Many managed service providers UK businesses work with will also provide equipment for their customers that meets the tech specifications that they require. TechQuarters does this with the help of their partnered vendors, and while they may not make it a habit of providing customers with gaming tech, they recognise the quality of the products.

Gaming Laptop

Laptops are becoming more and more popular than desktop PCs for work, due to their portability and efficient form factor. However, they are generally less powerful than a desktop PC; but you can avoid this downside by investing in a gaming laptop for work. The first thing to note about gaming laptops is that they have a longer lifecycle, because they are built with higher quality components due to the need for high performance – in a work setting, where the average workload is much more manageable, this can guarantee you could get much more use out of your laptop.

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Gaming Mouse

Your mouse is the way you navigate the digital environment you use to work. There are many ways in which a mouse can be beneficial, or detrimental to your work. If you have large hands and are using a small mouse, you may develop hand cramping. You may also develop carpal tunnel syndrome if you’re not holding your mouse in the right way – and this can often be down to the shape and design of the mouse.

Gaming mouses are designed to be used for many hours at a time, and therefore most have an ergonomic design that reduces the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome and RSI. A gaming mouse will usually also be more responsive and sensitive than a standard mouse, which is also great for work.

Gaming Monitor

If you are an office worker then you are going to spending a lot of time sitting in front of a screen – the average work day is around 8 hours, and it can be easy to spend that much time (or even more) staring at a monitor. If this is the case for you, then you should definitely be investing in a high-performance monitor, and most gaming monitors offer this performance.

To start with, gaming monitors usually have a larger aspect ratio than the average consumer grade screen. IT support providers like TechQuarters recommend monitors with larger aspect ratios; the benefit being you can have more windows open on your screen, thus multitask more effective. This, combined with the fact gaming monitors are usually higher definition than standard monitors, also means that you can potentially reduce eye strain. It also can’t hurt that the colour accuracy of gaming monitors are usually better, which is good if your work involves graphic design, picture or video editing.

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