How Has Technology Created A Revolution In Delivery Domain?

How Has Technology Created A Revolution In Delivery Domain?
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A revolution has taken place since the time technology entered the food industry. It predominantly occurred in the last few years, which lead to a big change in the industry wherein people can order any food item of their choice and get it delivered to their doorstep. With the rise of this concept, there came a lot of food delivery companies like Zomato, Swiggy, Uber Eats and many others. All thanks to these food delivery applications, consumers don’t even have to pay some high additional cost to get any dishes from their favourite cuisines delivered at their doorstep.

All they need to do is visit such an application, look for various restaurants menus, place an order, and get the food delivered within a stipulated time. This is how technology has made it possible to deliver various products easily. Most of these food delivery companies partnered with Google maps so that a consumer can track where is there order and the delivery executive can look into checking out the locality of the delivery that he/she needs to make. So many technological advancements have been made in the food industry as it improves delivery speed and customer satisfaction. Earlier, people had to visit the restaurants personally to relish some meals or request the restaurants to send across them as they incurred some additional hefty amount.

But today, technology has changed how people like to order food and get them delivered to their doorstep. And something like this trend is sure to keep on growing in the future. One of the other things about this facility is that consumers can choose to place a cake order with their favourite online baker at any art of the day, as per their convenience and mood. Looking into the same, bakers offer same day, express and midnight online cake delivery in Hyderabad and all across India to get the cake delivered well on time.

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Shipping industry has always operated in an efficient manner abroad. But this concept is still considered to be a newbie here in India. As consumers are purchasing online more than ever due to the Covid outbreak, and even before, they ask for instantaneous gratification of a face-to-face purchase. This is what leads to the blending of technology with shipping. But as this demand is growing at a fast pace, logistics companies are looking into adopting some new advanced technologies. Here are some ways in which new technologies are shaping the world of logistics and shipping.

  1. Drone Deliveries – As per the latest technologies, robotics have entered into the delivery domain of various products. Recently, Amazon made its first-ever drone delivery successful, leading other shipping companies to even look into the further use of drones in the shipping industry. One of the benefits of drone delivery is that companies can cut off expensive labour costs, reduce the vehicles on the road, and aim for faster delivery services. Drone technologies tend to make it even more reachable to rural areas or difficult geographical locations.
  2. Robotic Processing Systems – Humans make mistakes, but the fact says robots don’t. Hence, making full use of robotics and technology at the processing points where humans may end up creating a mess with order selection, delivery destinations, and tracking numbers, which creates a logistical nightmare. Amazon was one of the companies that opted for this robotics technology bandwagon to speed up the customers’ orders faster and thereby streamline their shipping process. Companies can rest assured from goods selection to processing – everything will be taken care of by such technology.
  3. GPS – Who doesn’t use GPS in today’s world? As we talked about earlier, everyone does, straight from our Uber drivers to even various food delivery applications. One can figure out where their package is in real-time; they can track their package and monitor their delivery. Whereas on the companies end, one can use various features like route optimization, reduce route confusion, and allow drivers to make deliveries faster. Uber is one such company that uses GPS to deliver your packages to different locations within your city.
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Though it seems very difficult to adapt to altest technologies and often companies are slow to take advantage of new technologies. But due to high consumer demands for goods to be delivered at a rapid pace, it would be necessary to embrace the new changes

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