How Much Does It Cost to Install a Sprinkler System?

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Sprinkler System?

Inducting a sprinkler system facilitates constant watering to help establish a healthy, list stand of grass. If you have decided to move forward and make your garden more beautiful by putting in a sprinkler system. Then, it’s time to go down to the nitty-gritty and how to calculate the cost to induct a sprinkler system.

You should calculate the cost to install it on your own versus employing a contractor to do all of the tasks for you? Therefore, we have summarized the cost of installing a sprinkler system, factors that affect the cost, and how you can lessen the budget. Read on to know everything related to the cost of sprinkler systems installation.

Cost Of Installing a Sprinkler by A Professional

The normal cost range for a professional installation of a sprinkler system on a ¼-acre lot is around $1,714 to $3,520. Also, the national average is approximately around $2,538. Sprinkler system costs can differ depending on the following things:

  • Your yard size.
  • The quality of the materials.
  • Price of local labor.
  • The type of sprinkler system.
  • Any chosen whistles and bells.

Factors On Calculating Sprinkler System Cost

Pipe material

The cheapest and affordable type of pipe is plastic. You can use it if you want to keep costs down. In some places, for example, the finished basement or garage. you may require more costly copper piping, which will raise the cost of installation.


The going cost of labor differs from community to community, and sprinkler system contractors charge almost the same amount for one hour. No matter if you’re installing a new sprinkling unit or replacing an updated system, the charges would be around $50 to $100. Furthermore, components that can influence labor costs include if the employer gives benefits to employees. For example, retirement savings accounts or health insurance.

Lawn Size

The bigger the yard, the higher the sprinkler unit installation will cost. As we mentioned earlier, the national average for inducting a unit on a standard ¼-acre yard is almost $2,538. For houses that sit on a full-acre lawn, you need to pay an average amount of $10,280 to have a sprinkler system installed professionally.

Cost Of Sprinkler System According to Its Types

Different kinds of systems need different kinds of material, which will influence the cost of system installation. Some of the different types are:


The most popular type of professionally inducted sprinkler system is installed under the ground of the lawn. It is done via tubing and pipes put in shallow trenches. To induct an in-ground unit on 1 acre of yard, the expense would be around $10,280.


The most affordable and possibly the simplest of all sprinkler units is the above-ground unit. It consists of tubing or hoses located on the top of the lawn that connects to above-ground sprinklers. Besides, it can be installed professionally, in which case you need to pay around $1,800 to $2,000 for a 1-acre property.

Automatic System

Putting in an automatic controller to an above-ground or above-ground sprinkler unit will add roughly $10 to $325 to the cost of the unit.

Budgeting Steps for An Irrigation System

The size of your landscape and lawn tells the amount you are going to spend inducting a new sprinkler system. Here are some things to consider while budgeting for a sprinkling system.

The Size of Your Yard Including Any Slopes

You have to measure the size of your property. If you have a vast yard with lots of flowerbeds and landscaping, you’ll be spending more on your induction as compared to a smaller lawn. If your lawn has a slope on your property, you’ll need to buy a controller that has a series of soaking options to keep water from destroying your lawn.

Your Landscape, Lawn, And Gardening Needs

If your lawn faces the full sun, it’s going to require more water than a shadowed yard. Similarly, if your garden has water-loving plants, you have to consider those irrigation needs when inducting a discipline or a bubbler.

Repairing Your Lawn

If you’re planning on putting in a sprinkler system to beautify your yard. You’ll be required to re-sod or reseed your lawn after the induction procedure is completed. You are required to count the expense of employing a lawn care firm to rebuild your garden. Also, count the cost of seeding your yard by yourself.


Lastly, lush landscaping and green lawn provide your property with a beautiful curb appeal. The hot, dry days of summer, though, can effortlessly turn your area brown. Moreover, it can cause your landscaping to dry up and, in turn, reduces the beauty of your property.

Furthermore, sprinkler systems let an adequate amount of water be distributed to the proper location and at the perfect time. In other terms, sprinkler systems will keep your landscaping and lawn healthy and beautiful. Also, it decreases the risk of pests and diseases and leaves you more time to enjoy your residence’s amenities with friends and family. Therefore, hire any reputable sprinkler system contractor to beautify your house.


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