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Have you come across the projections of spectacular lights mapped onto the exterior of the Sydney Opera House, bringing it to life?

Many such pictures and video projections can be seen around the world on various events to stand-out and create an experience for the viewer.

Marketing agencies constantly lookout for ways to engage the customers and make a long-lasting impression in their minds. They look for novel ideas to create memorable events using 3D and 4D technology and interactive displays using projection mapping.

Projection mapping is a technique through which common objects such as buildings, stage, and even water become the canvas where a video is mapped on these surfaces and graphic illustrations projected to create a mesmerizing experience of illusion.

So, if you have witnessed the ‘Façade Projection’ on the exterior of the Sydney Opera House or the Canadian Olympic Excellence Day, you know what magic it creates for the viewers!

Types of Projection Mapping

There are various types of projection mapping, with each one priced differently because of the complexity of the work. There is the architectural projection mapping where projections are thrown on buildings or structures of any kind.

There is object mapping in which video is mapped onto objects on any kind, such as cars. Another kind of mapping is the interior projection mapping, where the 3D video is mapped on the walls or the pillars. And then, there are dome projections where the video or graphic is mapped onto the surface of the entire location.

Factors Affecting the Cost

The cost of project mapping depends on a lot of factors. The surface of the canvas is the major deciding factor about the cost. If the canvas, a building, or a bridge, in this case, is larger it will require a higher chunk of investment as more projectors will need to coordinate the graphics and design.

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A complex project that requires musical synchronization and lighting will demand more efforts and use of specialized equipment that raises the price of the project in totality.

The cost of video mapping on an object differs from one project to the other and greatly depends on the level of creativity the client demands. There is simple project mapping that may not cost an arm and leg, and then there is a 3D and 4D project that involves highly complex projections, so the total cost can vary depending on the client’s preference.

The cost of Video mapping also depends on the type of animation or graphics you chose; it can be 2D, 3D, or 4D. If you choose 2D animation instead of 3D, it would require comparatively inexpensive equipment, and less time will be needed to develop it. This way, the complexity of the graphics is minimalized, resulting in cost reduction.

The cost of video mapping also depends on the duration of the event. The greater the length of the event, the higher will be the charges.

Most projection mapping companies take 2-4 days to send you a proposal considering your requirements, but sometimes it can take a little longer as the process involves drawing sketches and uses other technical resources. Bigger projects need a lot of preparation and cost calculation that includes insurance and delivery of expensive equipment.

Average Cost

More or less, taking into consideration the content and quality of the projection mapping, there are quite a few agencies that will charge $180,000 to $300,000 for an average size building and artwork of 10 minutes duration. High costs are mainly the result of rentals of high-quality projectors, and big companies that rent out these projectors do not do so without a media technician, which adds to the cost of the rentals.

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However, the market is full of varying rates of video mapping since the demands of the customers are different. You might also find agencies that will charge $200 for a second of 3D animation.

Where to Go Next?

The price of projection mapping cannot be calculated independently. It falls in the service industry, and the price may vary from one service provider to the other.

The best way to calculate the cost of projection mapping is to take an appointment with an expert who can best quote the estimated price of your project and create a decent proposal for you. However, the rule of thumb says, if you want to get quality results, you will have to pay a higher price for it.

Projection-Mapping – Future of Marketing Activations

As quoted by the Fior Market, the international projection mapping market is expected to grow to $7.78 billion by the end of the year 2026. There is no doubt that this form of engagement makes people stop for a while and leaves them dazzled and mesmerized as they get to live and feel the magical experience.

In the middle of a city, on buildings and bridges, enchanting projection in the water, in local, international, as well as global events, weddings, movies, waiting rooms, and even on the human body, projection mapping leaves the audience stunned and asking for more.

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