How Paytrace Payment Gateway Can Help Your E-commerce Business Grow?

How Paytrace Payment Gateway Can Help Your E-commerce Business Grow?

Thinking of integrating a convenient method to complete online transactions on your e-commerce store? The PayTrace payment is the best solution to this situation that can help your eCommerce store to grow. The payment gateway Magento 2 lets you complete online transactions using Visa, MasterCard, JCB credit cards, American Express, and Discover.

How does a Payment Gateway function?

  1. The customer initiates payment transactions by confirming that they need to take certain products or services from your store.
  2. The e-commerce platform will redirect them to a payment gateway where customers need to enter their details
  3. Payment gateway redirects consumers to secure page for completing transactions
  4. After the approval of the online transaction by the payment gateway, they will check if they have the right balance to complete the transaction
  5. The payment gateway then sends a message about successful or unsuccessful transactions
  6. Its transaction is successful then the payment gateway will settle the transaction with the bank
  7. PayTrace payment gateway then settles the transaction with the merchant and notify the customers about the completion of the payment process

What should a Payment Gateway offer?

  • Support team to maintain your Magento store
  • Should be available all the time
  • There should be proper documentation to understand the payment gateway
  • It should be compatible with different devices and technologies available in the market
  • Testing should be performed regularly to handle errors
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Advantages of using Payment Gateway are:

  • It gives a seamless checkout experience which is important for better customer engagement.
  • There are high chances of cart abandonment if the checkout process is complex and time-consuming. So this payment gateway provides easy payment options and increases sales undoubtedly.
  • It is compliant with security standards like DSS and PCI that helps in giving secure transactions
  • This payment gateway can be integrated with a shopping cart
  • It gives faster payment processing
  • This payment gateway Magento 2 accepts multiple payment options
  • Handle online threats and frauds
  • It provides recurring billing

What are the key features of the PayTrace Payment Gateway?

Faster Checkout Process

Users generally don’t trust the websites if there are redirections to a third-party platform during the checkout process. Buy payment gateway Magento 2 like PayTrace that does not redirect users to other platforms. Online transactions can easily be completed using this Magento 2 Payment Gateway which is secure and gives a user-friendly experience.

Different Methods to accept payments

Customers can complete their payments using E-Check, Debit Card, and Credit card. This makes your e-commerce platform more accessible to the customers and complete transactions without any hassle.

Manage Sensitive Data Securely

Using the PayTrace Payment Gateway you give your customers to save their details for future purchases securely.

Refund Process

PayTrace payment gateway gives a feature to perform partial and full refunds decided by the admins.

What are the benefits of using the PayTrace Payment Gateway?

Reduced Equipment Costs

It is a web-enabled system that means all you need to focus on is Visa, gift vouchers, and Cheque to complete payments. It allows users to access the PayTrace account from different places effortlessly.

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Processing Costs

The visa business has some costs for every transaction that a user performs using a credit card. This payment extension gives a proficient method that lowers the processing costs. Some essential features like AVS match evaluation, Level II (business), and Level III (buying) data processing.

Works Efficiently

It has various functionalities to save and track all the online transactions on your e-commerce store. Users can keep a record of their payments done on your e-commerce store.

Secure Platform

PayTrace payment gateway gives users exceptional ID and password to access their accounts. It has tools to keep the platform safe from online threats and frauds that can compromise the user’s privacy.

How E-Commerce businessmen can build a successful business with this Payment Gateway?

Simple integration of this payment gateway can be performed using a simple API interface. Online payments can be accepted using personal computers, phones, or tablets. This enables the business to purchase cards at the lowest rates in the marketplace. Every customer needs a secure platform for their sensitive data and Magento 2 Extension stores the payment information in a secure format. Some add-ons that help in improving your business are:

  • When you Buy payment gateway Magento 2 it just requires a unique User ID and password
  • It makes the smooth task for the consumers who take your products and services from your e-commerce store
  • It does not redirect to other pages that make the website more user-friendly and responsive
  • It connects Magento 2 store and PayTrace card processing services

Wrapping it up!

In this blog, we have discussed some important reasons and features of the PayTrace Payment Gateway. We understand selecting a payment gateway is a complicated task as you have to choose the one which gives a better user experience. A payment gateway should be able to handle security, ease of access, data storage, pricing, and regular updates in the e-commerce store.


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