How to Harness the Power of Pinterest SEO

 How to Harness the Power of Pinterest SEO

Pinterest is a holy grail for finding images, no matter what kind of images you are searching for, this platform has something for you. Apart from attractive images, this platform has a lot to offer for all online business owners. You can harness the power of Pinterest SEO to boost traffic on your site and gain more traction from the targeted audience.

In this post, we will have a look at some important tips from which you can strengthen your SEO and drive more profit to your business. If you are not using Pinterest, you should be using it as it’s a powerhouse for generating traffic.

Identifying the ideal customers

Like any other platform, it’s pivotal to identify the ideal customers for which you will be sharing content there. If you are selling a service or a product, write down how their persona and interests look like. Try to find out what are the common patterns you notice in your audience base.

Without doing the target audience analysis, it would be difficult for any business to come on Pinterest and drive traffic to their website. Once you figure it out, you can look at your competitors’ profiles, how they are creating content and what type of engagement they are getting.

Creative board ideas

Pinterest has different boards where you can organize your images according to their category and it’s a convenient feature. It makes your job easier when you have a lot of images in your profile. And, on the other hand, your customers also find it quite handy while they visit your profile.

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Don’t just stick to a single board of 4-5 boards to share your product or services images. At least try out 10-20 board ideas and check what kind of traction you are able to create. If you have 10 categories and 100 products, it’s a smart idea to create 10 different boards and organize the different images. Board looks clean and professional if you are a freelancer and want to add your work samples to it.

Add links to your every image

Most people simply share images on Pinterest and nothing happens— this is the wrong way of using Pinterest when it comes to SEO services. For every image you share, you have the option of adding a destination URL to the images.

By clicking on that image, a user can visit your site and it helps in improving the overall traffic. As only targeted and interested people will click on the links, you will get a targeted audience without spending anything on marketing.

This is among the best traffic-generating SEO tip that everyone should follow to harness the real power of Pinterest. You can link your landing pages or related articles to the images, make sure you are adding more value to the readers’ time when they visit the destination after clicking.

Powerful SEO keyword research on Pinterest

When you log into your account, you will see the search bar on top of the page, type a word that is related to your niche. Just like any search engine, Pinterest will also show you related keywords that users search on this platform.

You don’t need any third-party keyword research tool for making your Pinterest bio SEO-friendly. Go through 10-15 long-tail phrases and optimize your profile’s content accordingly. Along with this, while sharing the images, make sure the image’s title, alt tag are properly SEO-optimized so you don’t miss out on any traffic generating opportunity. Use words in your Pinterest bio that your ideal customers will use to find you.

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Adding hashtags

Yes, you can add hashtags to the pins you are sharing on your board. Just like any other social media platform, you can easily add relevant hashtags and let your customers find you easily. While you share your pin, add a couple of hashtags while adding the description.

Along with SEO-friendly hashtags, create a brand name hashtag that you can use with your every post. For example, if your brand’s name is ABC, then always add #abc to your every post. It will bring together all your posts shared on Pinterest.


This will be really helpful for your followers to find all your images just with one hashtag. This simple addition will boost your brand visibility on Pinterest. The search engines will also show up the hashtag in search results when someone searches about your brand. As the authority of interest is very high, there are substantial changes that your hashtag will rank. Once your customers click on those hashtags, they can check out all your services and products in one place.


These were some simple yet very effective Pinterest SEO tips that you can leverage today to harness the power of this platform. Pinterest is a robust image search engine and it has a lot of good opportunities for everyone who is looking to promote their brands for free.


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