How to Convert an EML file into a PDF for Free?

Summary – Do you want to convert the EML file into a PDF. If yes then you should follow this guide. Here, I am going to discuss some of the best methodologies that you can use to export EML into a PDF format. But before going straight to the method let us first have a short introduction to EML and PDF files.

What is an EML file?

EML file or Electronic Mail is a file extension of an email message that is used to save a file by email programs. This file stores the information of the sender, receiver, subject, and date of the email. It can also store attachments from your email.

What is a PDF file?

PDF file or Portable Document Format is a file format that was first started in the year 1992. This format is introduced to represent text and images in every device, hardware, and software. It holds different categories of content like text, fonts, vector graphics, raster images, etc.

However, some users want to transfer their EML files into PDF because of some reason.

But unfortunately, they do not have clear information about how to perform this conversion task. So this technical guide will help users to learn about the advantages of this file migration along with the effective techniques of this process.

Benefits of Migrating EML into PDF File

  • A PDF file is very easy and convenient to use for every user.
  • EML file does not allow to access the files in an offline mode so you have to convert the file into PDF format to access it.
  • Users can secure the important data of a PDF file by setting a password to the file.
  • EML files do not go well with videos and images as compared to PDF file quality.
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As we can see, that user might have different reasons to export the EML files. Therefore, they must be aware of the methodologies through which they can convert their files into the required format.

Methods to Convert an EML into a PDF File

There are two approaches for transferring the files i,e Manual and Automated Solution. The manual method includes some steps of performance by a user. And in the automated practice, users do not have to perform by own rather a professional EML Converter does the work for you.

Manual Method to Migrate EML File into a PDF

If you have specific folders to convert into PDF format then proceed with these steps.

  • At first install the Thunderbird Import / Export Tools option.
  • Then select the folder that you want to convert and then right-click on it.
  • Choose Import Export Tools and then select Export All Messages in the folder.
  • Now, set the file format as PDF.

In case, if you want to export a specific file from EML then refer to the steps written below.

  • Select the file that you want to migrate from EML
  • Click on the right side of the mouse and then select the PDF format.
  • Then go to the browse option and then set the destination.
  • At last, select the required file and finally convert it to PDF.

Although this method is effective it cannot be suitable for every common user. The manual method applies only to a hight skilled technical user. If you have limited time and want to shift bulk amount of files then this method is not feasible. Furthermore, there is no assurance of data security or even accurate results. Thus, to overcome these difficulties, users can check out the professional technique of file transfer. This technique is easy and much more reliable than the manual technique.

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Professional method to Export EML file into PDF

It is better to use third-party software like DRS EML Converter Tool to convert  EML files. This is an automated software that does the work very perfectly and in minimum time. It has a simple interface and also ensures data security to its users. The tool enables users to convert files from EML into different file formats and email clients. If you want to skip any attachments from the migration process then you can easily select the relevant option provided by the utility. The converter tool is also available in a free trial version and with 24*7 tech support.


From this post, we have now learned about the methods to carry EML files into a PDF file. Both the methods are different from each other in terms of execution. Hence, users are advised to go thoroughly with this write-up and choose the best method to accomplish their goal.

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