How to Get the Best Out of Social Media Paid Ads

How to Get the Best Out of Social Media Paid Ads

Social media marketing has taken centre place when it comes to growth in 2023, which makes sense when you count the 4 billion-strong userbase. Even though social media platforms are completely free to join and start engaging with the digital community, it often takes the power of paid ads to get the most important message heard far and wide. If you want to get the most out of your social media paid ad campaign, continue reading below.

Different Types of Social Media Paid Ads

Before diving into tips for success, it’s important to understand that social media paid ads take many different formats. The simplest type is a static image, which you can make stand out with popping colours and interesting fonts. Other successful content styles include:

  • Stories. Non-intrusive ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.
  • Carousel. Bringing multiple pictures or videos together in a swipe-left format. Most popular on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Branded. You can see these on TikTok’s “Spark”.
  • Video. Grabs attention, is sharable, and builds trust – popular across all platforms.

Regardless of which ad style you choose to follow, the common trend is that ads featuring real people are much more likely to be successful because they make the paid ad feel organic, which makes consumers feel better.

Consider Outsourcing Your Paid Ad Campaigns

If you launch social media paid ad campaigns and they don’t work as expected, it can start to eat away at your budget. Therefore, you should consider outsourcing your social media paid ad campaign to an agency like WRP.

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Use Social Media Management Tools

Choosing which type of content to place on a paid ad can be tricky, especially as you’re investing money here. One of the best ways to source successful content is by looking back at your organic social posts and discovering which has performed the best. Although you can do this on each social platform, it’s much more efficient to bring everything together into one social media management tool like Hootsuite or Sprout Social.

Be Experimental

Posting your first ad campaign is a huge achievement, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to work. With this in mind, you should mix things up by trying different types of content. You can even run tests by posting different types of organic content to see what does better and then converting these into successful paid ads.

Make Your Ads Personal

Social media is about human interaction, which is why the best content comes from humans and speaks to humans. Even TikTok, one of the largest social media platforms, has the mantra “Don’t Make Ads, Make TikToks”. Essentially, this means brands should strive to achieve the authenticity, realness, and positivity of TikTok, and this is something that rings true through all social media platforms.

Social media platforms are great for businesses, but they’ve almost become saturated, which means achieving success with organic ads can be challenging. Get your message seen on social platforms by launching a successful paid ad campaign, and make sure you follow the insights above.

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