How to Increase Traffic to your Website?

Driving traffic to your website is a challenge and many businesses struggle in attracting more visitors. You need fresh and innovative ways to effectively target the right audience to visit your website and hence generate sales and increase your market share.

You can increase traffic to your website in both organic and paid ways. Sounds interesting? Let’s set on your journey to explore ways to efficiently increase traffic to your website through this article.

Create Engaging Content

Content, Content, Content! You heard it right! Not just creating and posting content, but creating engaging and informative content is crucial to driving organic traffic to your website. You need to ensure that you create relevant and valuable content to target the right audience. Update your website content regularly, more specifically daily – if possible.

Content creation includes blog posts, videos, podcasts, and infographics. Alex Alexakis (founder of Pixel Chefs) – an SEO veteran says, “It is essential to do some in-depth research about your audience, analyze your market and create content around this to organically attract them to your website.” Don’t forget to add relevant SEO keywords throughout your content and use entrancing headings to attract attention on search result pages. 

Social Media Approach

Successfully using social media should be your next plan of action. Social media is the best available tool to attract potential visitors to your website. Keep your social media handles including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin updated with relevant content. Reach out to your potential audience by posting actively across your social media platforms. Remember to post at the right time and use relevant hashtags to optimize the benefit of your post and consequently notice a significant improvement in your buy website traffic.

Interacting with your followers to establish a connection, posting in Facebook groups, posting Instagram stories, and adding a link to your website in your bio are all very useful tips to boost traffic.   

Write Guest Posts

Guest Posting is another effective strategy to improve traffic. How does it work? It works in two ways. You can submit blog posts for other websites or accept posts from foreign subscribers. In case you submit posts for another website, the website owner will release a link back to your website hence increasing traffic and backlinks.

Before applying this strategy, it is essential to do your research. Andrew Gaugler, the Founder of Is It Rated, advises “Search for sites that fit your niche. Focus particularly on blogs and publications with active audiences and functional social media platforms. It’ll increase brand awareness and will help you strengthen your position in the market. Be mindful to post only high-quality authentic content to get the best out of this strategy.”


You can never go wrong with an advertisement. Using display ads, paid search and social media advertisements can allow you to increase your website traffic. Keep in mind to set a goal for your advertisement, allocate a budget and target your ad toward a potential audience that fits your niche.

Google ads are a good place to start so choose wisely and let the magic begin. For your investment to pay off well, add commercial intent keywords you want to target. It may get heavy on your pocket, but payoffs are worth it if you play your cards right. In Pay Per Click (PPC), for every $1 spent, you get up to $3 in return making all your efforts fruitful.

Email Marketing

According to Jens Madsen (HeatXperts) email marketing should be your best friend. If you invest your time and energy in building an email list once, you can reap the fruits for as long as you wish. To further establish your email list, add promotional offers that require visitors to subscribe to email marketing to access it.

Once you’ve developed an email list, send an email every week with interesting and valuable content. Add promotional offers and make the content visually appealing to attract more visitors. Insert a link to your website, so interested candidates can read more about it with just one click. Simplicity and convenience win the game.

Work with Influencers

Take advantage of the ever-growing influencer industry. Collaborate with influencers having millions of followers. Their followers love their content and put blind trust in them. You can collaborate with an influencer in many ways.

Start by sending free products to them to receive honest reviews on their social media handles or pay influencers to run sponsored content for you. Not only this, you can invite an influencer for a quick interview or a Q/A session online.

This is an effective way to gain exposure and expect increased website traffic coming your way. It’s important to pay particular attention to whom you are choosing for your brand. Research about influencers, ask for their media kit, and check their reach and engagement. Social media is full of influencers with fake followers, so choose wisely.

Take Action Today

Take relevant actions today. Spend a major chunk of your time every day on your website. Look for improvements you can make and list them down. Using all these strategies, narrow down the options which work best to increase traffic to your website. Don’t shy away to try new strategies.  


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