3 Trending Frontend Frameworks 2021

3 Trending Frontend Frameworks 2021

Every business, service provider, or freelancer today has very well been aware of the online presence and how important it has become in 2021. But deciding the platform on which such websites or apps must be made is rather a difficult decision.

Frameworks being the foundation are the most conclusive factor as to how the website would perform in the future. Web developers can choose among the plethora of technologies to create a rich and browser-compatible website and web apps.

How to choose a Web development framework?

It must be taken into prime consideration that the nature of your project plays an important factor in choosing the specific framework.

  • If you opt for a WordPress Based site, Gatsby is useful.
  • If you Opt for Vue js, Nuxt may be very helpful.
  • If your project is large and long, go for Angular/Vue js or React js.

The suite for web development technologies is large. Choosing among the wide options is a decision as it plays a crucial factor for your website’s future and the workability it handles.

Here are 3 most trending web development frameworks in 2021

React js

React js is the most trending framework that has been currently ruling the minds of developers. React is a by-product of Facebook and is adopted by a component-based architecture. React js as a frontend library is extensively used for building mesmerising User interfaces and interactive UI’s. It makes use of virtual DOM to create seamless user interfaces for single and multiple page mobile applications. Infact React js helps in the development of faster apps that ensure high performance with durability. It forms a strong base foundation for web applications.

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What Makes It Popular?

  1.  React is a unique combination of components. It allows you to break down the complex Ui. The more diversification the better is the quality and the output while adhering to the intricacies.
  2. React comes with a Virtual Dom that gives react the liberty to decide when to re-render and when to ignore the pieces of DOM. It certainly results in increased page performance.
  3. React helps in debugging easier when used in combination with some chrome extensions.
  4. React js developers can easily experiment with the javascript code and understand the real-time effects of the same. React brings HTML into the javascript hence producing quality outputs.


Angular is considered one of the best frameworks when it comes to building rich single web page applications. Angular has been continuously upgrading itself to its better versions. It is the most popular framework. It has an awesome collection of robust components that simplify the art of writing code. Angular js framework as a javascript programming language is used for building some flexible, dynamic and robust web apps that speak for themselves.

What Makes It Popular?

  1. It is pervasively getting updated to a better version of itself.
  2. Angular allows itself to integrate with many other third-party integrations that certainly help improve the functionality of the website.
  3. Angular comes with the Dependency injection that is advantageous. Dependencies are time-consuming but bring in several functions.


Vue js is a progressive framework that is being utilized for building desktop and mobile apps along with many other web interfaces. It is one of the most used web development frameworks.

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What Makes It Popular?

  1. Vue js has a very cute and small ecosystem that weighs as small as 29 Kb. It has a minified jQuery library that outperforms its competitors.
  2. Vue js is based on the two main components of HTML and JavaScript. It is a quite simpler version as compared to other frameworks.
  3. Vue js is backed by extensive community support and written documentation.
  4. It is based on the components that are interactive and reusable. Vue js easily helps share the state between the components that are quite easy to handle.

Wrapping up with Care

Development frameworks comprise the most crucial factor and hence the decision primarily depends upon the nature of the project at hand. The above-mentioned 3 frameworks are certainly the most trending frameworks in 2021. The best combination of such frameworks can bring in the right Ui and website that can work out the best for the project. Still in doubt? Contact the most experienced team of developers to bring in the right option for presenting the best output for you.

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