Most Efficient Data Management Tools: 2021

Most Efficient Data Management Tools: 2021

Test data management is an indispensable part of software development, specifically testing. Without accurate testing, every webpage to visit would have crashed a few times before loading successfully.

Disappointing, isn’t it?

Testing is the only solution to ensure software quality. Therefore, every minute upgrade and modification made to any feature or component of the software should undergo rigorous testing. Otherwise, you’ll end up delivering a bug-laden application in the name of the version update.

Therefore, using TDM tools in test IT environments becomes inevitable. For your understanding, we’ve enlisted a few most important benefits of TDM.

Practical Advantages Of Test Data Management

To keep up with the market demands and industry competition, introducing automation in your regular testing process is always a plus point.

Provides Hight Quality Test Data

With the correct TDM tool, you don’t need to frantically search for the sample data from a huge database repository for performing any type of test. Additionally, the generated data is procured and delivered according to your specified requirements.

Thus, by providing accurate data, TDM tools prevent verification and validation roadblocks.

Accelerate Test Environment Scaling

TDM tools can be utilised for scaling or conducting feasibility checks. The best part? The tools can help you generate data outside your system’s specified space.

That’s not it! TDM tools can also help replicate test environments and minimise the potential of failure for your growing software. Performing all these tasks without test data testing management tool would cost you more time and require greater resources.

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Data Encryption And Compliance

With increasing technologically advanced malicious attacks, data compliance is becoming more strict than ever. TDM tools can be incredibly helpful when encrypting, testing and complying with sensitive data.

Additionally, you can keep your organisational procedures compliant with local and global data compliance standards such as GDPR, PCI-DSS.

Automate Test Data Management Activities

TDM tools automate the task of refreshing test data’s format and validity. The reusable test data is sorted out, segmented and archived in a central inventory for future utilisation. Whenever the requirement arises, the testers can retrieve and use the archived data.

Use the best services for test data and IT environments management for optimum data management.

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Most Efficient Test Data Management Tools: 2021


Informatica’s TDM tool is explicitly crafted to provide development teams with the required data securely. With this tool, your testing teams can discover and generate data subsets for testing. Provision of smaller data sets prevents infrastructure overburdening and accelerates testing speeds.

It also assists in adhering to data compliance protocols through data masking of sensitive information. The rigorous monitoring and reporting features can help stakeholders manage huge data sets for ensuring compliance.

IBM InfoSphere Optim Test Data Management

This TDM tool and optimises and automates the test data management workflows to enables faster testing.

The main USP of this tool is rapid data generation. With this TDM software, your team detect bugs that minimise the chance of data leading to application failure.

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You can generate optimally sized datasets for streamlined testing without utilising unnecessary additional resources. The tool even features a powerful encryption functionality that masks sensitive information, including credit card numbers, login credentials and contact details, etc., from cloned datasets while maintaining relational integrity.

ca Technologies

With CA Test Data Manager, your team can enjoy every feature required to quickly generate test data.

Its powerful data creator function enables you to create the smallest amount of data required to run effective tests.

The best thing? It allows you to even create data for multiple current simulations, develop future scenarios and unexpected results to precisely test your application’s reaction to a variety of real-world conditions.

The data enhancer feature intelligently detects and suffices gaps in test data coverage to provide teams with complete coverage for their tests. Like all other tools, the central storage facility is also a plus point for this TDM tool.


DevOps approach focuses on Continuous deployment for maintaining applications DevOps. Delphix is an API-based test data management tool that utilises DevOps fundamentals.

With this tool, you can develop dynamic or temporary test IT environments from the same orchestration tools that are used for managing your pipelines.

Hire the best integration solution agency for optimal and effective utilisation of TDM software.



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