What Is The Difference Between ATX And PS2 Power Supply?

What Is The Difference Between ATX And PS2 Power Supply?

In 2004, Sony launched their third major hardware, which is smaller, thinner, and quieter than the older versions. It also includes a built-in Ethernet port. Because of its thinner and slimmer profile, it does not support its internal power supply. Instead, it has a modified multitap expansion. For running the Sony play station 2 on your computer, you will require a power supply. Let’s know about the difference between the ATX and PS2 power supply in this article.

Play station 2 Power Supply

Since the PS2 does not support the internal hard disk drive, for your play station 2 slim power supplyyou will need an AC adapter to run your console, which is ideal for the play station 2 and is used anywhere at any time for fast and secure use of your console. It comes with a round connector and display of the charging status to indicate the status of charging. The power supply of play station 2 comes with a connector and a power lead with a European plug. If you buy the power connector for your pS2, you can use it with different versions of PlayStation 2.

What is an ATX Power Supply?

The Advanced Technology Xtended ATX is a motherboard specification created by intel. It is popular and now being used in a wide variety of computer systems as a default layout. The ATX power connectors are designed to connect a computer with an ATX motherboard. It allows a range of options when it comes to turning the computer on or off. The other benefit of using an ATX power connector is that it is designed to be plugged in one orientation.

What are the Advantages of the ATX Power Supply?

ATX power supplies have multiple advantages because they supply power to various components of the motherboard simultaneously. These are also very durable can last for as many years as you want. However, these connectors are very large that making the computer pretty heavy, and the computers that use ATX motherboards require large chassis to hold the power supply and hard drive of the computer, CD ROM and the interior components.

Evolution of the Play Station 2

At the beginning of 2005, the issue was found in many areas. The black slim line console power was defective and could overheat instantly. These units were recalled by Sony and replaced with the latest model. That model was invented in 2005. The later revisions had better compatibility with different games of play station 2. In 2006, Sony released the revisions V15 that was first released in Japan in September. It also included the silver edition. After Japan, it was released in North America, Europe and other parts of the world. This new revision used an integrated chip and a laser lens. Moreover, it had updated BIOS and an updated driver.

In July 2007, Sony started the revision of the slim line play station 2. This version features a reduced weight of up to 600 grams. As compared to older versions of 900g, it was pretty lightweight. This unit, due to its smaller and thinner size, uses a smaller motherboard and a custom ASIC that houses the GS, RDRAM, and EE. The AC adapter was also reduced to 250g from the previous versions. Another refinement was released in November 2007. The latest version also has some cosmetic changes. The design of this revision was overhauled, incorporating the power supply in the console. This refinement seems similar to the original fat play station 2.

How to Connect and Start a Play Station 2?

The PlayStation 2 was one of the most popular video game consoles in the world invented by sony. However, connecting these consoles to modern TVs can be a little difficult. This issue arises because of the unavailability of the ports that support the play station 2 AV cable. If you are experiencing the same issue, there are several ways you can use to connect the PlayStation 2 console with your modern TV. Here are the steps you need to follow before hooking up and playing your PlayStation 2.

Examine the Input of Your TV

To connect the PlayStation 2 with your TV, you need to understand that there are several ways you can use to connect it to your TV. However, it depends on the inputs available on your TV. They are typically on the back of your TV or side of it. so, make sure to search properly. Here are the ways to stable a connection.

Composite AV

It is the most common way used for every TV, receiver, or VCR. The composite cables, also known as stereo AV have three plugs. Yellow, red and white. The yellow cable is for video and the other two cables are for audio. Typically, this cable comes with PlayStation all new models. The newer HDTVs may not support the composite connection.


This way of connecting the PS2 with a TV is not common on newer TVs. Producing this connection between console and TV provide a better picture than the stereo AV. However, the cable is not as good as component cables. This plug is typically yellow and has pins. The PS2 s0video cable has a video plug as well as white and red audio plugs.

How to Connect the Play Station 2 Power Cable?

When it comes to the power cables of the two versions of play station 2; PS2 and PS2 fat, they both have different power cables. For connecting the PS2, you need to plug the eighth side of the power cable into the back of your play station 2 consoles. In the case of play station 2 slim, you need to connect the power cable to the yellow jack on the back of PlayStation 2. Play station 2 slim comes with a power brick, which you need to connect with PS2.


ATX is the motherboard specification that is used in a variety of computer systems. However, the PlayStation 2 power supply does not have an internal power supply and uses a power brick that needs to get connected with an AC adapter.


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