How To Monitor Someone’s Phone Location By Cell Phone Number?

How To Monitor Someone’s Phone Location By Cell Phone Number?

How to monitor someone using their cell phone number is not an unheard-of issue. Often, we desperately find ourselves in those circumstances where we need to pursue someone’s phone in every way imaginable.

For instance, you may want to control your kid’s phone while you’re at school to check if they’re healthy. Others may want to find out whether they are being deceived by their partner. For all these cases and countless other purposes, all you need is to track your target cell by its number.

Are you going to have to find a loved one to make sure they are safe or where they think they’re going to be? Everyone has their reasons for finding a mobile phone number to locate others.

For parents, to ensure their safety, they might want to find out the approximate location of their children. Tracking the position of their partner gives them peace of mind and sanity for married couples suspecting a case of infidelity.

Some employers may want to use this approach from time to time to monitor their workers to ensure that they do their job on-the-field. But regardless of the reason, the advanced digital technology generation of today offers the opportunity and versatility to locate your close friends in several ways.

Neatspy: Your Location Tracking Partner

It may sound like anything to find someone’s phone simply with their phone number, only hackers and forensic bureaus can do it. That’s a myth, though. even an ordinary Layman cell phone user can control someone else’s exact current location using the Neatspy app.

Neatspy tracker

Neatspy is used in 190+ countries by billions of users. It is also featured by major news outlets like Forbes, CNET, and Business Insider for its exceptional features.

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In this article. we’ll explain what Neatspy is and how you can begin using it for your tracking purposes.

Why would you need to know the location of someone?

There might be several reasons you may want to know the location of someone. Maybe your kid isn’t home yet, maybe your spouse is cheating, and the list is endless.

Neatspy message


Read more here about a few explanations for knowing the location of someone:

To find the current location of someone

An anxious parent may want to find their child who has gone to his friend’s house incorrectly without telling him. Or maybe it’s a suspicious spouse who thinks he’s cheating on his wife.


Geofence is nothing but a phone-created digital boundary. The app will inform you about it once the target phone crosses the borders.

Locating Missing System

At times, you just want to find a phone of your own. Locating a missing computer will eventually lead you to locate and get the device back, which would not have been possible otherwise.

Track employee movement

In a corporate environment, employers may need to monitor the position of their workers for safety reasons. You will then raise a red flag if an employee is working at a position where he was not intended to be.

How to monitor the location of a phone by number?

You can use an app named Neatspy to locate someone’s location by cell phone number. Neatspy utilizes a technology known as “the technology of cell triangulation.”

Three cell phone towers triangulate the location of the phone in this process. This is usually used to track a phone number in real-time through telephone network operators. But certain software, such as Neatspy, have connections with mobile phone operators and can thus access the location of the phone in real-time.

phone by number

Go to this article and get to know how to install a phone monitoring app like Neatspy on the target computer to begin tracking a telephone position by number.

It is easy to install the software on Android. But if you’re installing it on iOS devices, the iCloud credentials must be linked to the Neatspy app. You do not need any special technological or coding skills, apart from that.

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The app can function in the background in stealth mode. This would not affect the phone’s use.

You need to log into the Neatspy account and navigate it to the dashboard to see the exact location. In the “Last Know Location” sub-section, you will be able to see the location.

How to set up Neatspy on an Android phone

How to set up Neatspy

Step 1:

Sign up and buy a monthly subscription plan for Neatspy. You will then receive a confirmation email along with the step-by-step directions on your email that you need to obey.

Step 2:

Mount, without rooting, Neatspy on the target Android computer. Offer it access to other programs and features it asks for. It will now run in stealth mode in the background.

Step 3:

In real-time, you can track it remotely from the Neatspy dashboard.

How to configure Neatspy on your iPhone

Step 1:

Sign up and buy a subscription plan for Neatspy. Follow the directions sent to you by e-mail

Step 2:

Provide Neatspy with the iCloud credentials. Wait a few seconds, and Neatspy synchronizes with the computer.

Step 3:

You can start tracking it straight away until confirmed.

As you can see, there are no downloads required for monitoring iOS devices.


It is also possible to use Neatspy to monitor your computer. You will still have access to it remotely if you lose it, and there is a possibility that you will be able to restore it.

You need extra credentials for corporate use. Even, if you send them company-owned computers, you will have to report the same to the employees.

Bear in mind, privacy is important and highly regarded by Neatspy. Therefore, when using Neatspy for your personal or professional needs, we expect you to maintain trust and authenticity.

Tracking a cell phone’s location is not something that you just see in movies. Not only that, often employers make use of telephone surveillance on their employees’ machines.

Tracking the location of a mobile phone is no longer just a matter of comfort or convenience. Knowing the precise location of your family members, with all the violence going on out there, lets you know they are safe and there is no threat to them.

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