How to Run Android Apps for Movies on PC

How to Run Android Apps for Movies on PC

Android apps for streaming movies make your life easier by enabling you to watch your favorite shows on your phone. There a lot of official as well as 3rd Party apps that you can install on your phone to watch movies.

But what if you want to use these apps for movies on your PC?

Using mobile apps for movies on your PC would allow you to enjoy the same interactive experience but on a bigger screen. There are a lot of ways you can run your android apps for movies on your PC. We are going to talk about some of the ways here.

How to Run Android Movies Streaming Apps on PC?

  • Mirror your Phone

Most of the latest smartphone devices are now featuring the screen mirror technology. This allows the user to mirror the screen of their phone to their TV, provided that their TV also supports the screen miring technology.

Once the user connects their phone to their PC, whatever they do on their phone would be shown to the TV screen. Latest Smart TV devices feature the screen mirroring technology for connecting the mobile phones with the TV with ease. You can do that and visit mobile streaming websites such as my movies da to stream movies online.

Although screen mirroring is good for movies, it is not the best choice when you try and play high end mobile games on the mirrored screen. It would create lagging issues for you. But since we are talking about watching movies online, screen mirroring is definitely a great choice.

  • Use BlueStacks
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BlueStacks is an android emulator. It is kind of like a virtual smartphone that you install on your PC. BlueStacks is one of the most popular emulators out there that we highly recommend for watching movies on your PC. It makes things much simpler and more interactive.

With the BlueStacks emulator, you install a virtual mobile device on your PC and once it is done, you can use it like the way you use your phone. You can add in your Gmail ID and use the Play Store to download the apps that you normally use for streaming movies and TV shows.

But that is not the only way you can use it. You can also install a web browser on it and visit web platforms for streaming movies online. BlueStacks is also a great choice for playing mobile video games on your PC. It won’t create any kind of lagging issues for you.

  • Use Genymotion

Genymotion is another android emulator that is available to be installed on your PC. This software, along with BlueStacks is the best choice for running android apps on your PC. Although the installation of both these emulators is a bit of a hassle, the benefits of using this software outweigh the costs.

Genymotion can be easily downloaded from many 3rd Party sources. This app is quite famous and offers a wide range of features that you don’t get with other emulators. Once you install it on your PC, you’d be able to install movies apps and visit online streaming platforms to watch movies online.

You can visit all the Kissanime alternatives websites using this emulator. You’d just need to set up a few things and once you are done with the initial configuration, the rest of the process would become much simpler for you.

  • Use Android-x86
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If you are looking to install the fully-features android version on your PC, then you can go for the official Android-x86. It is kind of like an emulator but works more like an android OS than the other emulators. Other emulators add their own features but with this software, you get a user experience the resembles the user of an actual android device, in the best way.

The installation of this Android OS is a bit more complicated. So, if you just want to run android apps for movies on your PC, then you might want to check out the other easier options that we have talked about here.

And if you want to do more than just watch movies, you can use the Android-x86. It is a powerful android software development kit that you can use for so much more than simply just watching movies online.

Wrapping Up

Mirroring or installing mobile apps on your PC is quite simple and easy. It can be done quite easily, without much hassle. Once you do that, you’d get to use these apps on your PC which would allow you to enjoy the movies on the bigger screen of your computer. So, check out the points that we have talked about here and if you have any questions, let us know in the comments section below.

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