How to save money on skip hire this Christmas

You might think it’s a tad too soon to be talking about Christmas, but the big day will be here before you know it.

Whether you’re getting your home ready for family gatherings or making room for the kids’ new toys from Saint Nick, skip hire in Bolton is sure to be a big help.

From fairy lights and baubles to turkeys and secret Santa gifts – with all the other things you need to stock up on this festive season, you might be wondering how you can work skip hire into your budget.

But fear not!

Here are some of the top money-saving tips to keep in mind when hiring a skip this Christmas.

Choose the right skip size

Choosing the right-sized container is crucial if you’re on a tight budget.

If you hire a skip that’s too small, you’ll most likely have to hire a second container to accommodate the rest of your waste and fork out twice as much as you need to.

On the flip side, hiring one that’s too big means you’ll probably end up with and pay unnecessarily for lots of extra room.

Typical skip sizes in Bolton include:

  • 2-yard mini – ideal for small-scale clear-outs and renovations, this skip can hold 20-30 bin bags full of rubbish.
  • 4-yard midi – ideal for slightly bigger home improvement projects, this skip can accommodate up to 40 bin bags full of rubbish!
  • 8-yard maxi – best suited to large-scale renovations and refits, this skip can hold 60-80 bin bags full of rubbish.
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Admittedly, it’s better to end up with more room than you need rather than not enough and after all, you could always share the extra space with your neighbours!

Load your waste effectively

You might be wondering why this matters, and how exactly it makes a difference.

You just chuck everything in, right?

Absolutely not!

If you want to keep your skip hire costs to an absolute minimum, you need to load your rubbish tactically – to avoid overfilling and the subsequent charges.

Start with your flat items, like cardboard or wood, loading tesselate objects such as bricks next and put your bulky waste on top to break everything down to make room for any leftover bits of debris.

Book well in advance

The festive period is one of the busiest times of year for skip hire firms in Bolton, so it’s important to make a booking well in advance to avoid disappointment and paying over the odds for a last-minute slot.

Most skip hire companies offer convenient online booking systems so that you can see what their availability is like around your desired date and time.

Alternatively, you can give your chosen skip hire company a call to arrange a drop-off.

Consider where you’ll leave your skip

Trust the experts when they tell you that this is one of the most important things to think about when hiring a skip.

Where you put your hired container will determine whether or not you need to apply and pay for a skip hire permit, which in Bolton can cost you upwards of £30.

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For example, if you don’t have the luxury of a large garden or spacious driveway where you can leave your skip, you’ll need to obtain a permit to leave it on the road or pavement outside your home.

However, if you have the space or even think you can squeeze a container onto your driveway, you should definitely consider leaving your skip there to save yourself the extra cash. Maybe you could put it towards a little something for yourself if you’re feeling super festive!

Ready to hire a skip in Bolton?

Whether it’s your first time hiring a skip or you’re a seasoned pro, these few money-saving tips will be a big help in the coming few weeks!

Got more questions? Get in touch with the team over at A1 Skip Hire!

With years of experience in the waste disposal industry, they’re well-placed to tend to any of your queries or concerns.

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