How to Sell Online Courses?

How to Sell Online Courses?

Is teaching a long-time passion of yours? If yes, there are ways to bottle up that spark of passion by delivering online courses to learners across the world. But it’s always easier said than done. Not anymore. By relying on modern technology, tutors across the globe are effortlessly translating their passion for teaching into revenue-driving online courses, investing their efforts, time, and money into content that changes the lives of their customers.

And that is the power of creating online courses- it not only helps tutors earn passive income but also changes lives. Regardless of the subject or topic you want to teach or your experience, creating successful online courses can be accomplished in a few simple and easy steps if followed the right way.

To help you create and sell successful online courses, we have put together this guide so that you turn your knowledge into a profitable eLearning business. Here are the steps to follow to sell online courses from your own website.

Understand if creating an online course is right for you

The rewards of creating and selling online courses, including the reach, making an impact, and financial benefits, can be tempting. But getting to that point takes a lot of effort and work. The only way to stay motivated to complete your online courses is to be passionate about what you do. Before starting to create an online course, decide whether you are passionate about the subject you are building your courses on.

Make sure you are passionate and knowledgeable in the subject area so that you can offer the best value to your customers. Once you have chosen the subject area, start finding the right topic for your online courses. The topic can be already existing, which means that your topic is validated and there is market demand.

Start planning course outline and content

After you have settled on a course topic, decide on the content types to incorporate- Workbooks, PDFs, infographics, eBooks, and videos for reaching your target learners. Most tutors make the mistake of including every lesson that comes across their mind and consider it as an outline to create online courses.

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This approach, however, is not effective as it focuses on information alone instead of real results. You don’t have to teach your learners everything that revolves around a topic. You just have to teach them only what they need to learn to achieve the results they are looking for. Hence, when creating an online course outline, begin with the final result and then build backward from there.

Break down the entire course content into different sections or modules. After breaking it into various component parts and dropping it into an outline, you can plan the course content. Take each module and decide what type of content each course module will contain. For example, will you create an audio course, a video course, a text or a PDF course, or a combination of all of these? The best approach is to use a combination of all of these to convey the concept efficiently.

Selecting the optimal price

Fixing the right price for your course is complex, but you can simplify the process and come up with optimal pricing if you follow the right approach. Follow a goal-based pricing strategy; for instance, if you are offering online courses to reach the highest number of learners, you can offer your course for free. As there are no barriers, you will get more enrolments.

If you want to make the highest number of sales, consider pricing your courses low, something under $50 according to your niche. Whereas, if your goal is to earn the most total revenue by selling your online courses, this is when you must charge the big bucks and that too according to the value of your course. If your courses are unique, go high with the pricing and test to see what your learners will pay for. Try different pricing as you grow your eLearning business.

Choosing the launch model of your course

When trying to sell our first online course, consider pre-launching your courses to see the market demand. To sell your online courses effectively, there are two ways most tutors sell their courses. They are as follows.

  • Product launch: Product launches are event-based sales that take place during a specific window. Outside that period, course enrolments are closed.
  • Evergreen sales: This refers to how your online courses are always available to people who want to purchase them.
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To get your first online course sale, it is recommended to start with an evergreen sale. It is much easier, takes less time, and can be easily done without having a vast audience to begin with.

Selecting the platform to sell online courses

The hardest part isn’t creating course ideas and content, it is planning how to manage online courses and actually selling them. First, you must set up a platform to host your online courses and sell them to your target audience. When starting out, most people choose eLearning marketplaces to sell their online courses, which is not a great idea. Why because eLearning marketplaces don’t offer you the flexibility over content, marketing, and the money you make.

The best alternative would be to sell online courses from your own website. Choose any professional tutor management software to create your tutoring site effortlessly and cost-efficiently.

If you are looking for suggestions on eLearning software, Pinlearn is one of the best tutor management software in the market, which can help you sell self-paced online courses and monetize. Being a white label solution, you get all the basic features essential to the eLearning platform and can customize the functionalities simultaneously. You will get 100% source code and can integrate your eLearning branding.


eLearning is transforming the way people gain knowledge today, so there are great opportunities for tutors to create a thriving business by selling online courses. However, selling successful online courses takes thorough planning and proper execution. Understand and figure out your target learners and create great content for your courses. You would also need a power tutoring website in place to help you automate the whole process with utmost efficiency.


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